It all started with a not-so-much passion. I was a small boy who does nothing at all, for most of the time. I entered the scouts as it has been ‘forced’ by the school to enter a cocurricular activity. Then, i saw the old scouts (the ones that made the recruitment drive at my form 1 time). Their stories of you need to undress everything to swim in the river of stuffs like that, I still remember til now. Too bad, though, as I have no luck to try it out. Well, let’s stop the grandpa story and jump to the ‘a bit fun part’.

The first who thought us scouting is Mr Eng Kang (sorry, forgot his surname). His part is quite a big one as he started the basics in our ‘new scouting’ in MBSSKL since the real scouting was said to be lost. he was led by Gary Lee, our current Boyscout Leader and maybe one of the few who got King Scout in our school. He tried to teach us the basics by getting us through the Tenderfoot Badge (better known now as Lencana Keahlian). I just want to thank him for making me to remember the ways to march and be disciplined though. His ‘words of wisdom’ for basics in marching is standing still, but always maintain a “stomach-in, chest-out, look 30m in front of you and ‘lancee’ a bit”. It’s still funny but it made me remember maybe til the end of my life.

Well, the only part that I manage to remember is the Family Day, since it’s the first and the only Family Day in my secondary school life til now. We made the booth Who Wants To Be A Millionaire as it’s one of the most popular shows at that time. Throughout the year, we had fun. And by chance, I became a PS (Patrol Second) for the Eagle Patrol along with the PL (Patrol Leader) that was Chin Seong Bin. He was one of the people who encouraged me to join the scouts movement though. It’s just sad he just sort of give up halfway through Form 4 as he was one of the best scouts in our troop. God bless him.

Well, like all REAL scouts, we went through the Tenderfoot Investiture ceremony. I think I still remember that day, as I can put on the scarf for the first time and reciting the scout promise (I forgot, though! But, the scout CD remind me now. With the quite-funny-to-me-voice from our old boys, as it goes: On my honour,…) I can’t really remember what Eng Kang told me that day, but I think it’s to be a good boy and to obey the scout law always (I did it well…). When the day past by, I finally realise I another one destined to do good things…

I still remember the last week of scout meeting for that year as I am all alone in school. Though, Au Yong Min Hao said he was in the trooproom and saw no one, too.