REASON FOR JOINING SCOUT: at first, it was a forced-to decision, but as i joined it, saw the politics involved, i really hate it… Though, when i want to quit, it starts to be interesting. We start to have many camps and journeys, and hikes… I especially like and enjoy the 40km journey (read it all, on your left). Though my legs never feel the same anymore after the journey…


2002: joined the scouts on the first meeting when they start to recruit. Became Eagle Patrol Second (quit, became librarian of the patrol, then become Patrol Second again. Led by Eng Kang.

2003: Went to camps such as in Commonwealth Park, Fraser’s Hill. Led mainly by Gary Lee.

2004: Joined the Seniors, led by Heng Yuen. Joined Lord Somers Patrol. Went for the crazy 40km hike, along with trips to Sungai Esok and Ulu Yam.

2005: Was surprised to become the Patrol Leader of Lord Somers Patrol. Did more Senioring and may have failed a Campfire. Went to Ulu Yam again.

2006: Bade farewell to Senioring and went to Rovering, where we meet the famous Charlie Ng. But was forced to be quiet as SPM came…

2007: the present day me is stuck with the ‘burning effect’, being the Boy Scout Assistant Scout Leader, Rover Secretary and the Head of the Education Department for Rover.

HELP NEEDED: To need additional funds to fend him off the Psycho hospital. And to ‘get’ all the badges available for the Rover section, as to be as im-modest as possible… 😉