it was a bright and shinny morning on 7th of april 2007, ten of us

  1. Wan Wei Liam
  2. Sing Chun Mun
  3. Choy Weng Kit
  4. Phua Wei Keat
  5. Tan Lek Khee
  6. Nigel Tee
  7. Wong Loke Juinn
  8. Yong Chen Chong
  9. Ng Yoon Chun
  10. Ngai Chun Wah

started on a walk up to Pine Tree Hill.

From left: Ngai Chun Wah, Wong Loke Juinn, Ng Yoon Chun, Yong Chen Chong, Tan Lek Khee, Choy Weng Kit, Phua Wei Keat, Nigel Tee, Wan Wei Liam, Sing Chun Mun

The night before we were briefed on the trail by Mrs. Carell Chen of WWF-Malaysia.

The cloudless sky gave excellent readings on the Magellan Meridian and Garmin GPSMap 76cx GPS we were carrying.

The main aim of the journey was to obtain GPS readings to produce
1. Map of Pine Tree Hill
2. A downloadable track for Garmin GPSs
3. Track profile of Pine Tree Hill

Wan Wei Liam was on the Megallan Meridien whilst Nigel Tee manned the Garmin. The track in .gdb format is at the bottom of this report.

The journey was completed around 4.00 p.m. on Friday 6th April 2007

Wan Wei Liam

Choy Weng Kit

Ng Yoon Chun

Phua Wei Keat

Ngai Chun Wah

Tan Lek Khee

Yong Chen Chong

Chen Chong’s repair to his broken shoe brokesho.jpg

The track is through submontane type of forest and does not have the heavy cover of the lowland rainforest.




At the peak [Click on image for full size]

View from the peak

The resultant track

Download the saved track for Garmin GPS gdb format. It has a .doc extension. Please rename the extension to .gdb before upload to GPS.

Download the readings in Microsoft Excel. Please rename the extension from .doc to .xls