17 January 2007

Today, our class was attacked by a heat of crowd. Lung Chuin and I came out on the newspaper today!

The news was actually written by Chuan Zheng. As a student reporter, he did very well on that article, it’s just that there were a few mistake. For example, My name was written wrongly as it is supposed to be 莫家炜, but he wrote 莫家玮. That’s too bad!

My mum and dad was shocked after seeing me on the papers. My mum told me about this when she received the night-paper last night. I was so happy, I cut the artcle out and showed everyone in my class!

The article was about the PMR result which was taken on 28 September 2006.

Here is the proof.

Me in newspaper!

And also…

Me in newspaper2


Here’s the translation of the article

Translated by: Mock Kar Wai
Written by: Law Chuan Zheng
School: Methodist Boys Secondary School, Kuala Lumpur

Students: No Shortcuts For Good Results
More Revisions, Concentrate on Class

(Kuala Lumpur 17 January) The PMR results were released at the end of December and a student reporter from this school interviewed some students with good results.

Cheong Lung Chuin, with his magnificient 8A’s said that he didn’t even expect a good result like this. He said he normally did his revision for only 2 hours a day. “Do not build up the tension, just relax during the examinations, it will surely be a success.” This is an advice for the juniors.

Kah Loong Sang was satisfied with his 8A’s result, he said he attended tuition classes after school and studied very hard. His 8A’s is a result of hard work. He said there isn’t a shortcut to good results: you must always concentrate on your studies and do exercises frequently.

Lee Voon Keong said , he had 8A’s just because he concentrates in class and reads a lot of books.

Mock Kar Wai who got 8A’s also said that: he only did revision for just 1 hour per day. He pushed himself to study right before the examinations. Whenever he faces any pressure and problems, he will play computer games to relieve the pressure.

Law Chuan Zheng, who didn’t do very well in the school examinations said, he felt lucky to have got 6A’s1B. I revised for half an hour everyday and attended tuition classes. In addition, it was a little bit of luck,” he said.

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