19 January 2007

I was waiting in front of the school office seeing nobody in school compound. Everywhere was dark, with dim light.

Then, somebody came, and others followed. By 8.00p.m., everybody was in the school and journey started. Our aim is to reach Heng Yuen’s house before 2.00a.m. I was asking, “Wasn’t that easy for a so called trained scout like us, plus with the help of KTM and Global Positioning System(GPS)?”

Though, I recorded some video and took some picture when we were in KTM station.

Me and David
Well, a handsome picture with two handsome guys in it, Mock and David

Please ignore the English Language errors and the last part of the video.

What was Wei Yau looking at so happily?

We drop down in Seputeh Station where there was nobody looking after it. We eventually climbed over the fences without putting in the tickets. I was one of them. The Seputeh station was dark and with only dim light around. Even with the help of GPS, and a lousy Wind-Talker, we, the so called trained scout went into the wrong way. Haha!

Wrong Way
We spilted into two gangs, the front gang was waiting for us.

Wrong Way2
The slower gang.

Then, we made a U-turn, back to Seputeh Station and got back to the right way.

Please forgive me for taking a lousy video. Because, I had a lousy camera. Well, at least it showed that we took a walk.

At last, we reached Heng Yuen’s sweet house at 10.00 p.m.

Reached destination
We was lazy-ing and having fun.

By 11.30p.m., all boys except for me and Wei Liam went for a night movie show in Mid Valley. How luxury this camp was!

20 January 2007

The next morning…

Everybody was waiting for breakfast. Special thanks to Heng Yuen’s maid. While, Nigel was so called Syok Sendiri with the music. As you can see, everybody wasn’t fully awaken.


Oh no! Sorry Phua, David took the last piece!

After some digestion and preparation, we went to school by Heng Yuen’s strong jeep. Thank you Heng Yuen for making two return trip to fecth us all.

Then, 9.00 a.m. sharp, “Ti Da Ti Ti Ti! Fall In!” and break flag. Camp started.

First lesson, theory!

What is First Aid?

Sit down Lung Chuin and pay attention!

Practical! Boy, come here and become the victim.

How poor 😦 You are going to die, you are going to die in old age!

Please save me, Kar Wai!

Save me! Help! Pain! Careful Cheong!

Fiu! I survived!

Who left it here?! So irresponsible!
By the way, what was the tomato sauce for?
It’s for faking blood!

Then, somebody broke his hand! It was Jun Yi!

After that lousy bandaging, I found some funny scenes.
lazy gang
Some people lazed around the terrace.

Busy gang
Some people crowded Heng Yuen.

playing gang
Only two of them were playing.

And then, I found Lung Chuin missing. I found him in Scout Den construction site, with Charlie, Zi Wah(correct me) , Wei Liam and Hsien Long.

scout den
There they are.

scout den1
That me on 1st floor of Scout Den.

scout den2
Welcome to 1st floor.

scout den3
Good air ventilation design.

scout den4
Store room a.k.a “Prison”

We returned to terrace and we missed the electric shock part. But Heng Yuen was lecturing when we came back.

Electric shock may cause internal burn and blah, blah, blah…

Are you guys tired? Let’s take some rest.
Fiu! At last! What the??? What a mess!

Later on, as promised, Old Ghost Kuai Chong brought us up to pick some rambutans.

Oi oi oi, left side a bit, enough enough, ah and cut.
Aiya miss again, lousy larr you.

Come larr, let the PRO do it! Nah…!*miss*
Cheh! Sama-sama lousy larr!
Haiz, for me, it’s better to wait and enjoy the result, muahaha!

Is it dropping? Ok, I’ll catch it. Wei, If I can catch means that mine arr!! Wah!

While we fully enjoyed ourselves, our driver went missing!(He’s off for a meeting.) Kuai Chong told us to walk back to school ourselves. (Some of us only.) What!? From here back to school! Wtf! Haiz, ok, I’ll do it. Then I asked Cheong and Ben to go with me, since we are best friend, they agreed. Well, they said they want to have ADVENTURE! Pardon, adventure?! Who you think you are? I needed two more fella to follow me, so Aik Lam, Jun Jie and Jun Wan volunteered.

It wasn’t go on plan. It started to get dark and cold. And, ADVENTURE came! Run for your life, chickens or you’ll get wet! We were separated into two group and regroup again looking shelter in Hang Tuah Monorail Station. We were cold and hungry, so we went into Times Square with our dirty and ugly clothes. We settled our dinner there. We walked around Times Square and started to get bored….

“Is it still raining?””Ask Heng Yuen come and pick us up larr.””Traffic Jam wor” and blah blah blah. We can’t wait anymore and we decided to venture again!

Starting point. Ready, get set, GO!

Run! “10th Group Air Scouts sing this song…scouting….flying…10th Group Air Scouts tough and strong….””That’s the spirit boys!” This scene reminded me, Cheong and Ben the time when we were in Pine Tree Trail, Fraser’s Hill. Haha!

Let’s stop here for a while. “Harlo, ah, ah, ya ya, ok no prom”


Continue! Run! “March march march on the road with me, to the boy scout jamboree…” Go Go Go! “Hah, hah, hah, oi I tak tahan edi””Oi, a bit oni, jog larr”

Ending Point.

Actually, we went to bath right after we reach school. A “Bravo” was “awarded” to us by Kuai Chong!

And, goodnight…(I can’t recall the night activities because I don’t have any picture of it.)

21 January 2007

Good morning, it’s time for morning exercise. 1,2, 3,4,5,6,7 and 8. Twist your legs 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8.

Breakfast! What the?! Milo and bread? Hey, where’s coffee? Heng Yuen will be mad without coffee from us!

Anyway, Heng Yuen got his coffee at last, and theory lessons continued. The lesson ended in 1 hour time as we were just revising them.

We were going to break camp at 11.00a.m. So, everybody started to pack up and clean up.

Now, let’s laugh!

Goodbye my love, hug you once more. 😥

Goodbye kiss, muakss.
(No Gay Elements, It Was Just For Laugh and We Give No Stand To Supporting or Objecting Gay)

“Ti Da Ti Ti Ti” Fall in, break flag, break camp!

Oi, Break camp already larr, give me back my camera! BYE!