18th May 2007

[Mock Kar Wai]

I went home early and have a few touch up on my online game. I managed to pack up my luggage while I’m playing. I was struggling in my heart to choose whether to go early or keep playing until the last minutes. Well, I listened to my angel to go early. Maybe I should say I listened to my devil, I shouldn’t be there.

I managed to get a free ride to school as my mum just came back from fetching students home. I saw no one in the group den. I shouldn’t say no one, I mean nobody who is suppose to be there. I saw a Toyota Vios parked at the side of flag poles which i thought it was Heng Yuen’s. My bore was vanished when Lung Chuin came for rescue.

Benedict was on his way back to school from Petaling Street to buy some stuff. Before they were back, our work started as Heng Yuen arrived with his giant motorbike. That’s the time I realised that that big, giant Vios doesn’t belong to Heng Yuen!

Well, I shall skip all this crap and go on with our torturing stories. Our work started off before Benedict came back from his shopping. We actually managed to get a wheelbarrow which made our work easier.  Furthermore, Heng Yuen brought a water jet for easier cleaning.

Benedict came back with two brooms, two dustpans, 3 hose clip, and some other stuff for our work. We set up the hose from the stinky and badly vandalized female toilet at the back of our school canteen. We then wash the drain and floor with the water jet, while Seng Poh with a few other fella clean the balcony and the inner rooms.

These works started at 6p.m. and ended at 8p.m. The real torture came after we had our dinner.