13 January 2007

Today, we had our meeting as usual today with a traditional Cross-Over Ceremony. Which means the Form3’s are going up to Senior Troop and joining the senior for maturity training.

After we had done everything, after our games as planned, the Form4’s were called for a meeting. We were wondering what’s going on. As Heng Yuen went on with his speech, we knew that we are going to elect PL’s. As the old days, PL’s were elected by Scouters. But this time, Heng Yuen did it differently where we are going to elect democratically.

The nominees were Me, Chuan Zheng, Ben, Cheong, Bos(Lap Bann) and Sheng Poh. I don’t want to declare the result although I know it. Me, Ben, Cheong and Lap Bann was chosen as the PL’s. I am in RJM, Cheong is in Lord Summer, Benedict is in Guy Gibson and Lap Bann is in Charles Darwin.

The Ex-TL , Chuan Zheng wasn’t happy with the result. I saw a crying face on him but he didn’t cry it out. He told me that he was hurt. He thought he is not good enough. But yet, the troop speaks and there are too many good people with only four position. I was sorry for him because he feel so sad.

So, the meeting ended up with one sad fellow. Ganbateh Chuan Zheng, I’ll, no, we will support you, always support you and work toward king scout and make us proud.

This was when the PL’s was chosen and they were introducing themselves to the troop. And as you can see, Chuan Zheng was sitting quitely.