Greetings people.

Had been a long time since I last appeared here i guess. How is everyone doing over there? Great I suppose.

Had anyone of you heard of IEEE? Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

I guess Electrical and Electronics Engineers out there know about it. Its an international organization for Electrical and Electronic Engineers to share their research, papers etc. And, IEEE do set a lot of standard for electrical and electronic related gadget in our daily life.

Every NIC (network interface controller) has a unique serial number, which is assigned by IEEE. There are a lot of IEEE standards out there. Standard for wireless communication and components to name a few.

One good news is, IEEE has a student branch in my campus. Guess we will benefit a lot from it don’t we? Sad to say is, undergraduate student, or better known as bachelor student are not so interested with it. Perhaps due to the membership fee which if sky high for a student. $25 USD for a year subscription. Comparing it with a professional membership which some of you might be holding out there, this is much cheaper. Converting this amount in to Malaysian Ringgit, it will sum up to about RM100. My goodness, this is good enough to keep students away doesn’t it ? However, the postgraduate or master students are very happy when they found out about it. They are getting all they can from the amount they pay. It will really help them a lot in their research.

I’m wondering what students in this present days thinking. Sometime, I’m not quite very sure what am I thinking also. Perhaps some of you out there could give me a hand on this. (i think i did not mention about my problem, do I? Never mind then..haha)

Oh yes. I do have another blog in wordpress. Everyone are welcome to drop by.

Till next time, take care!

Kenneth Wong, 7 April 2007 0025 hour (Malaysia)