Scouting with the group is a very memorable days for me. We went camping together, hiking and nearly get lost.

For years, I had been using a “lousy” camera, with “superb” slow focusing speed and shutter lagsss, exposed photo always has noises. However I am happy with it because the photo taken by it was full of luster with all of you.

Anyway, for those who want to take photographs, a normal camera in the market nowadays is good enough to take splendid photos, putting aside very demanding photographs.

Photography does not mean just shooting (with camera, not with gun), but photography need patient, with some skills.

Back to my lousy camera, even it is lousy; my photo taken is being approved by professionals:


For those who don’t know Chinese this is the Sin Chew Daily’s column that allows us to send photos. I got the top place in one of them and another one was taken during Fraser’s Hill camp.