Kai Woh and Chandran visited Ulu Kanching on 22nd March 2007 to revisit the camp site many of us spent so much time in the 60s and 70s

Visited Bukit Takun area and Ulu Kanching on 22 March 2007. Brought there by Chandran whom I met only briefly at the 10KL Scouts reunion few years back. Come to think of it, that was the only time I met him since I left school in 1971. Chandran is such a gentleman now, unlike the hyperactive kid I knew 38 years ago. A “never give up kid” who was once nearly killed during a wrestling match when he refused to surrender! No wonder he is a successful businessman now. He so happen to live about 3 minutes drive from Ulu Kanching!! To Chandran – you are a friend indeed. Thanks for taking the trouble to send me there and back to my hotel.

Bukit Takun is still there but crowded by housing development at her foot. Quite sad as some forest areas should be preserved.

Ulu Kanching is really in a sad state. The main pool was drained when we were there. The sides were tiled with some horrible looking tiles and they are chipped and cracked now – sure to cut the feet. Sand was every where in the stream. Perhaps there are some developments up stream. I went there to swim but could not as the dept of the stream was about 1 meter or less. Our old camp site was encroached by the forest. The second pool was fenced up as the current was fast and dangerous. Please see the attached photographs. I have also compared the new photo with the old ones I took in the sixties and early seventies. Hope they bring back some fond memories.

Kai Woh

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