Title Description Link File Size
Scouting Games The original book on Scouting Games by Sir Robert Baden-Powell. Read 283kb
Outdoor Games for Scouts The 1952 Gilcraft book on Outdoor Games for Scouts. Read 543kb
Gilcraft Book of Games A 1928 compendium of over 350 popular Scout and Cub games. You will be amazed how many already are the favourite of your troop and how many will become the “new” favourites. Read 462kb
Gilcraft’s Wide Games The 1944 version of Gilcraft’s Wide Games Read 1331kb
60 Indoor Games for Scouts The 1932 book on the most popular indoor games for Scouts. Read 177kb
Games for Scouts Originally published in 1929. Read 1873kb
Boy Scout Games BSA – 1958. Read 2416kb
The First Book of Indoor Troop Games The Scout Assoc. of New Zealand – 1979. Read 1198kb

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