Title Description Link File Size
Pioneering A compendium of Scout Pioneering resources. Read 1945kb
The Patrol System and Letter to a Patrol Leader The 1917 book by Capt. the Honourable Roland Philipps regarding the most important topic in the Scout section – the Patrol. Read 788kb
Patrol Leaders’ Handbook John Thurman’s 1950 The Patrol Leaders’ Handbook – Full of photos, drawings, charts and yarns to help your Patrol Leader be a Leader. Read 2355kb
How To Run A Patrol A Handbook for Scoutmasters & Patrol Leaders – 1939. Read 158kb
The Scout and His Axe John Thurman’s booklet on the axe. Read 342kb
Ideas For Scout Troops Jack Cox’s 1961 book on the Scout program, and what to do with Scouts. Read 700kb
The Scouter’s Five Minutes 1953 collection, published at the same time as the Scouters Series. Read 353kb
Things Scouts Can Do 1960 book, edited by F. Hadyn Dimmock. Read 1229kb
Scout Mapping 1963 book, by P. W. Blandford. The Scout Self Taught Series #3. Read/a> 944kb
Rope Splicing 1953 book, by P. W. Blandford. Everything you want to know about Rope Splicing. Read 1843kb
Week-end Camps & Hikes 1935 book, by C. H. Young. A Handbook for Patrol Leaders. Read 623kb
Pioneering Principles 1962 book, by John Thurman. Read 1300kb
Progressive Pioneering 1964 book, by John Thurman. Read 1618kb
Pioneering Projects 1961 book, by John Thurman. Read 1423kb
Fun With Ropes and Spars 1956 book, by John Thurman. Read 1833kb
Saving Life 1910 book, by a “B.P.” Scout. Vol. III. The Boy Scout’s Library. Read 463kb
A Book of Scouting Adventures Jack Blunt’s 1935 book on Scouting adventures. Read 1147kb
Working the Patrol System 1943 – A short booklet on how to make the Patrol System work. Read 163kb
The Scouts’ How-to-do-it Book A short book with loads of hints on general Scouting knowledge – 1953. Read 1030kb
Yarns for Boy Scouts Yarns told round the campfire – by B-P – 1910. Read 871kb

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