5th September 2014


Panoramic view of the meeting (click to enlarge)

 1.0 Introduction

Wan Heng Yuen, chair of the meeting, briefly introduces the history of scouting and the history of the 10th Kuala Lumpur Scout Group, which will achieve 100 years in the year 2015.

Hence, in celebration of a 100 years of scouting in 10th KL, a few items/events have been proposed for discussion.

2.0 Items and Suggestions for the 100 Years Celebration

2.1    Coffee Table Book

The scouts have agreed to the production of a Coffee Table Book to commemorate a hundred years of scouting in 10th KL.
The production of the book will be headed by Hooi Weng Cheong and Wong Hsien Loong.

It was proposed thst:

  • The book should also be available online in a soft copy form.
  • The contents of the book should be photographs and short stories, and the present scouts should state their visions/future plans for 10th KL in the book.

2.2 Centenary Dinner

  • The Centenary Dinner is agreed upon as the highlight and pinnacle of the centenary celebration. It will be a comprehensive celebration, inclusive of a mini exhibition and a mini gang-show.
  • The current Scouters’ Council will be in charge of organizing the dinner.
  • Choo Yew Kuen has suggested that the dinner be held in September 2015 and at the Pyramid Convention Centre, which would be available at a reasonable premium.

2.3 Centenary Campfire

Wan Heng Yuen proposed that the scouts from the 90s take charge of organizing the campfire, given their experience in organizing the 1997 campfire during the MBSKL Centenary Celebration. However, the final consensus is that the Scouters’ Council take charge of organizing the campfire

It is proposed by the scouts that:

  • The campfire should be a back-to-basics campfire.
  • The campfire should display traditional scouting values and long-lost scouting spirit.
  • Choo Yew Kuen has suggested that the campfire be held in June 2015.

2.4 Centenary Camp

The annual group camp will be opened up for all old scouts to participate.

3. Organizing Committee for the 100 Years Celebration

The following scouts have been elected as the main committee in charge for the 100 Years Celebration:

Advisors: Chu Tham Sang, Tay Ah Lek
Chairman: Wan Heng Yuen
Secretary: Lee Zi Sheng
Treasurer: Koon Teck Sing
Committee Members: Cheong Kah Foo, Derek Goh, the current Scouters’ Council

4. Patrol Leaders

‘Snake Heads’ – The following scouts are tasked with contacting their graduating class of scouts to publicize the celebration:

  •  Ho Chee Wah-1978
  • Frank Liew-1988
  • Cheong Kah Foo-1970
  • Choo Chon Ming-1981
  • Low Kong Ming-1955
  • Gary Lee, Koon Teck Sing-1982
  • Yeo Eng Kang-1999
  • Dominic Au-2005
  • Eric Mak-2009
  • Wong Kuan Jhun-2006
  • Lee Voon Keong- 2008
  • Kuan Nam Sung- 2010
  • Nigel Tee-2007

The year refers to when the lads were in form 5

Should you wish to be kep informed of preparations for the 2015 centnary events, please contact us