Patrol Leader Council 2011

Troop Leader: Jonathan Seow
Assistant Troop Leader: Kong Jian Fang
Secretary: Kong Jian Fang
Treasurer: Lau Lap Yong
Quartermaster: Goh Lian Hong

Eagle Patrol
PL: Goh Lian Hong
PS: Ho Chan Chon

Falcon Patrol
PL: Lau Lap Yong
PS: Chew Yan Zhe

Gannet Patrol
PL: Chow Jiun Huei
PS: Jeremy Sow

Hawk Patrol
PL: Justin Choo Ting Chien
PS: Yeap Boon Kheng

Merlin Patrol
PL: Jonathan Seow
PS: Yaw Kwok Thong

Swift Patrol
PL: Kong Jian Fang
PS: Ho Wing Han

We have weekly meetings on Saturday 8.30am – 12.00pm. Every MBS Form 1 and Form 2 student is welcomed to join our fun activities!

We’re the best troop!

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