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Medley 1
MBS School Song
10th KL Group Song

Medley 2
Four Torch Bearers
Blaze Away
Keep The Home Fires Burning
There’s A Long Long Trail
She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain

Medley 3
Introduction of Phang Phiang Fah
Welcome Yell for Phang Phiang Fah
Message From Phang Phiang Fah

Medley 4
Boy Scout Hymn

Medley 5
Introduction of Charlie Choong
The Scout Promise
The Scout Law
You Gotta Sing Sing Sing
Oh Appo
Tar Hoy Mun Cheong
Yell For Eagle Patrol (Doong Nang Nang Yell)

Medley 6
Ging Gang Gooli
Yell For Falcon Patrol (Firecracker Yell)

Medley 7
My Bonnie
Home On The Range
Scouting Scouting
Daisy Belle
Yell For Swift Patrol (Chikilaka Yell)

Medley 8
Mosi Mosi Annone

Medley 9
Introduction of Lord Baden Powell
Lorden Baden Powell’s Message
BP Spirit
Yell For Gannet Patrol (Boy Scout Yell)

Medley 10
Back to Gilwell
Yell For Merlin Patrol (Tanda Manda Yell)

Medley 11
Eh Mata Efa
Julu Julu Lu
The Quartermaster’s Store
Julu Julu Lu
Thousand Legged Worm
Julu Julu Lu
Rhythm Of The Island
Julu Julu Lu

Medley 12
Introduction of Liu Kwai Choong (Yarn by Liu Kwai Choong)

Medley 13
Wish Me Luck
Good Night Brothers
Maori Farewell
Auld Lang Syne
Scouting Friendship