2011, July 15th – 10th KL Day dinner Saturday, Jul 16 2011 

On the 15th of July, we had our annual dinner in Stadium Chin Woo Kuala Lumpur, together with it, a tribute and a remembrance to our late Mr Liu Kwai Choong.

Seniors preparing for the Hakka

Seniors preparing for the Hakka

The honour of being the emceee was solely the Rover Mate’s, Mr Mock Kar Wai. The dinner started at 8 o’clock and the seats were fully occupied. A slideshow showing the general timeline of recent events was played.

Kingsley performing scout songs

Kingsley performing scout songs

We performed two trademark shows such as the Maori war chant by the seniors and the Zulu dance by the Boy Scouts. Later on, Mr. Gary introduced to those present our 5 scout cord achievers for both this year and last year Boy Scout and also 5 King Scouts produced last year. The scout cord achievers for 2010 is: Lee Zi Sheng, Chia Bing Xuan, Lim Jun Kit, Ivan Ong and Khoo Wen Qiang; whereas the achievers for scout cord in 2011 is: Jonathan Seow, Kong Jian Fang, Chow Jiun Huei, Goh Lian Hong, Lau Lap Yong and Chan Wooi Yean. For the one who had achieved the King Scout award are: Chooi Fuat Wai, Alvin Kuan, Wu Chu Jing, Boey Jin Wern and Joshua Yon. Mr Gary also gave  a brief talk about the King Scout scheme.

Utaina !!

Utaina !!

Maori War Chant

Maori War Chant

Hawaiian Julu

Hawaiian Julu

King, Queen and Pengakap Raja

King, Queen and Pengakap Raja

Later on, we had a sing along session conducted by Mr.Kingsley. In the end, we sang “Taps” and went our separate ways back home.

Boys Singing Taps

Boys Singing Taps

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Seniors Camp June 2011 Wednesday, Jun 8 2011 

Seniors Camp

School holidays May 2011




The uniforms are clean and  fragrant after 4 days of camp.

Sincere thanks to our elder brothers. Five rovers who took the trouble to drive from Kuala Lumpur. Then walk 700 metres in the middle of the night arriving at 1.00 a.m. in camp and washed our clothes in the river.

Five King’s Scouts Produced! Tuesday, May 10 2011 

Congratulations to the five 10thKL scouts who made their way to the most prestigious award of the scout training, namely the Anugerah Pengakap Raja (King’s Scout Award).

The King’s Scout Badge Presentation ceremony was held in Templer’s Park, Selangor on the 2nd of May 2011.

5 Pengakap Raja with Gary Lee

5 Pengakap Raja with Gary Lee

Three Yasakas! to all the scouters, scouts, school headmaster, teachers and parents who played a role in the development of the boys.

Another ceremony is expected as the King’s scouts are yet to receive their King’s Scout Certificate.

Looking for Webmaster from each section Friday, Apr 1 2011 

tentkl.org is rarely updated nowadays.

We are looking for scouts that are intrested and have some basic skills or talent from all sections to join us.

A class/course will be conducted to explain the structure of tenthkl.org for those interested.

Bukit Taboh Hike (9th May 2010) Tuesday, May 11 2010 

Text coming soon.

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Sungai Pertak Camp [13-15 Mac, 2010] Thursday, Mar 25 2010 

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Our group organised a 4 days 3 nights camp at Sungai Pertak near Kuala Kubu Bharu from 13 March to 16 March 2010. The objective of this camp was to foster brotherhood among new and the current existing members. New members were also exposed to proper camping environment without any lights and gas stove.


WoodBadge Traning Camp II & King Scout Sikap Camp [Dec 18-20, 2009] Monday, Dec 21 2009 

A 3 days 2 nights training camp held in SK St. John, Kuala Lumpur.

WoodBadge Traning Camp II Participant:

1. Wong Hsien Loong

2. Chan Zhi Hao

King Scout Sikap Camp Participant:

1. Kuan Num Sung

2. Chooi Fuat Wai

3. Wu Chu Jing

4. Boey Jin Wern

5. Alvin Kuan

6. Joshua Yon Chun Yee

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“We have new experience that they never had and learn a few thing that is not practiced by our own group.

Although it was 3 dAyS or grinning , sleepless and boorring things that went on, we know that there is something that we must share with our junior… ”

Lots of works if you want to brush up 10th KL…

Campfire Work Camp 2 + CampFire 2009 [Dec 18-19, 2009] Sunday, Dec 20 2009 

18th December 2009

Campfire Work Camp 2@MBSSKL starts at 9 am. The morning was largely devoted to rehearsing of the Zulu dance and planning of sketch by the boy scouts.


Practicing Julu Dance

There were discussions and practices with a few slots of relax-yourselves-period. At about 5 pm, we played a game. The game is consisted of two groups which will compete against each other. Participants of each team hold a straw in their mouths and pass a single rubber band to each other using only the straw held in the mouth. If the rubber band drops, the team will have the length of their straws deducted. This game continues till whichever team has such short length of straw till it is impossible to play anymore. To start, each team sends a person to answer any question. The person who answered wrongly has to have his team start the game. Right after that, I cannot remember what happened but the activities following after included Zulu and Hakka dance in the rain, topless. Dinner was an unhealthy meal with too much oyster sauce in the cabbages. We could only taste oyster sauce and saltiness…special credits to Great Chefs of Boy Scouts. Materials preparation for the Zulu dance which includes the garlands, headband and hand band, started at evening, and all was going fine till we went out of materials.

Making of Julu garlands

Making of Julu garlands

Heng Yuen taught a new song, Green Grow the Rushes Ho. Twelve people were selected to sing the song. It was to be one of the round songs during tomorrow’s campfire. Few people sang like ….you-know-how. Voon Keong and William did the next day’s schedule. As it was raining, there were no night games. Lights out at 2 am


19th December 2009

Morning alarm set at 8.00 am, but many were already awaked by 7.30 am. We had a breakfast of bread, eggs, fried mackerel with salted black beans and tuna! Here, I encountered some weird beings that stuffed eggs, mackerel, salted black beans and tuna together…and eat them. I tried it and it tasted horrible, not to mention the oily fishy smell that clashes sickly with the tasteless egg. Next, we all went to the courtyard to do some practices on our performances. We also practiced singing round songs. Among them are Ging Gang Gooli, The Night is Young, D’ Old Folks at Home, Green Grow the Rushes Ho, My Grandfather’s Clock and the last 6 songs, namely Wish Me Luck, Good Night Brothers, Maori Farewell, Auld Lang Syne, Scouting Friendship and Taps. After that, some boys cooked lunch while the others prepared the materials for the Zulu dance. Those involved in the sketch did their rehearsal. The full rehearsal planned at 3.00 pm was delayed till 5 pm, and excludes the Hakka dance. Right after that, setup and preparations started. Chairs and the PA system were brought to the courtyard. Firewood was found and chopped.

Preparing the fire

Preparing the fire

After that, the boy scouts went to cook fried rice for dinner. Wing Wey’s father brought curry puffs, rolls and tarts for supper. Soon, the campfire starts with Four Torch Bearers, Een-Gon-Yama and the opening songs(Blaze Away, Keep the Home Fires Burning, There’s A Long Long Trail, She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain, Working on the Railroad, A Bear Went Over the Mountain, I’ve Got Sixpence and There’s Where My Money Goes).

Lighting of Fire

Lighting of Fire

This was followed by Hakka from the Rovers and seniors, round songs and a game called Blow Wind, Blow! It was a really fun game that most of us had played since childhood and Gary always got to stand in the middle! After that was the Zulu dance by the Boy Scouts and the Rhythm of the Island.

Julu dance

Julu dance

Soon, the campfire ends with the last 6 songs and supper. Delicious supper…and I can’t stop thinking about the rolls…After that, everyone helped to clean up the courtyard and the scout den. Nearly none of us is staying the night and everyone’s packing. Some leftover foods are taken back.

Thanks to those who attended this camp. May the next campfire be merrier and bring more glory to 10th KL.

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ACS Singapore Visit 10th KL [Dec 16, 2009] Thursday, Dec 17 2009 

Once again, we were playing host to our counterparts from Singapore. As part of the Tampines District Overseas Exchange Program 2009, several groups including ours have been selected by the national HQ to take part. We were to exchange scouting ideas and thoughts to further improve each and every aspect of it.

We had sessions with 2 troops from Singapore. We taught them a favorite game of ours which is 1-on-1 tug-of-war. We even had a friendly match with them. Milo and banana cakes were served to fulfill everyone’s hunger temporarily. In between all of these, Gary Lee, talked to them about the Scout Den and gave them a comprehensive idea of how scouting is conducted in our group. Laughs and ideas were exchanged as they had their stories to relate as well.

Before we said our goodbyes and parted ways, we managed to exchange some badges which turned out to be a relative success as many faces were seen smiling after it.

Campfire Work Camp 1 @ TMN Pertanian Malaysia [Dec 11-13, 2009] Monday, Dec 14 2009 

Group photo taken from a look out tower in Taman Pertanian Malaysia

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This work camp which last for 3 days and 2 nights was situated at a resort-like venue with a swimming pool and small wooden huts equipped with beds. It was considered as a luxurious camp as we are not really camping. The reason is, the main objective of this camp is to prepare our year 2009 closed campfire.

11th of December 2009

Before we enter the park, which is a Malaysia Agricultural Park (Taman Pertanian Malaysia), we confronted several ‘challenges’. ‘What? Heng Yuen told us the entrance fee is RM2 per person!’ We dealt with the clerk, telling her that we had requested the special price of RM2 per person from the office. She called to the office and the answer was disappointing. “Tak da, office cakap RM4.” We decided to pay it as we don’t want to get into this kind of challenges. Since we pay RM4, we waited for the bus service which bring us to our campsite because we paid for this service! Unusual from other camps, this time we don’t have to set up tents because we rented 8 huts for accommodation. While the boy scouts are preparing lunch, the rovers can’t get over with the temptation from the swimming pool and eventually jumped into the blue water. After lunch, no no.. Not swimming again yet. Boy scouts learned the Zulu dance from Chon Ming and the seniors practiced Hakka dance. The rovers, some sitting aside observing while some assisting in the performances. After observing the Hakka dance from the seniors, the rovers jumped in with a more spirited ones and of course, its better than the seniors’ Hakka dance with only 3 dancers. When we finished preparing the performances, some of us dipped into the swimming pool again while some prepare dinner. Opps, we missed up an important point: there are KRS girls around our campsite!! In fact, there are boys too, but of everything which came into the mind of our scouts, there are only girls. Kar Wai, as usual hooked up with the girls and invited them to join in our campfire at night. After dinner, and after cleaning up, we began our campfire. With just a few hours of learning and practice, the boy scouts performed their Zulu dance in front of the KRS. Seniors and rovers performed a sketch and Hakka dance respectively. The KRS are also invited to do a performance, they performed a chinese song. When the campfire ended, Zhi Hao drove Lung Chuin, Kar Wai and 2 other KRS up the hill to survey the route that the KRS are going to hike at midnight. We had an idea to hike with them but after the survey, we gave up because the road is too steep. Everything went well on the first day.

12th of December 2009

With a simple breakfast of bread with kaya or tuna, we started the activities on the second day. The boys were kind of exciting when they heard of cycling. Few rovers went to the shop and rented a few bicycles. Rovers are suppose to prepare the lunch so most of them did not get to cycle around. Therefore, rovers prepare lunch while the seniors and boy scouts enjoyed cycling around. After lunch and clean up, all of us change into full uniform and went for a hike to the look out tower, where the photo above was taken. Ying Joe who supposed to lead the way back to the campsite, brought the whole gang walking rounds with him and returned to the same place. With some effort, at last he managed to figure out the right way and brought us back to the campsite. Back in the campsite, the pool is booked so we waited beside the pool. The seniors claimed that they are capable to prepare the dinner on time with only 3 person. Scout law number one, no choice but our stomach’s fate is on their hand. Rovers and boy scouts played Captain Ball in the pool and all of them enjoyed themselves. When the time arrived, we were informed to get ourselves prepared for dinner, cooked by only 3 seniors and yet it looked delicious. After the meal, we are invited by the KRS to join in their cultural night, something similar to a campfire. They did it so formally with all the speeches and so on and the rovers are requested by Heng Yuen to perform the Red Indian song. With just around 15 minutes of practice, the rovers managed to do it although it doesn’t looks perfect. We carry on with our night game after the KRS’ cultural night. We played a game so called Fox Game. This game is played in dark so that we can’t really recognize who is our enemy and team mates. Things were not so well when Benedict fell and injured his leg with a deep hole. Immediately, the game was stopped and he was sent to the hospital to seek treatment. Everybody was tired after the day and slept soundly.

11th of December 2009

Nasi lemak is always served in one of the meal in every camp we go. Not sure what had went wrong but what I’m sure is that we ate ‘nasi lemak without lemak’ (without santan). There were so much left over and they were packed and brought back to school to be distributed. After all the clean ups, we left the campsite silent again and we headed back to MBS to break camp.

Thanks to those who attended this work camp. The next work camp will be on 18th and 19th of December.

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