tung chi kuan
cha look kuan
pok say yan

This doggerel (literally: Boy Scout, holding staff, whack die people) chanted whenever a boy scout is seen on the streets of predominantly Cantonese Kuala Lumpur was an advertisement for the movement.

The Bahasa Melayu version “curi ayam” gave us mixed feelings. Since we helped oursellves illegally to chicken was already insinuated, we might as well live up to expectations.

I don’t go back that old in 10th KL, having joined the group as a boy scout in 1962, 47 years after the group was started.

I will have to rely on photographs provided by Charlie Choong and Kwai Choong and then stimulate their memory for the stories.


One of the early scouters in 10th KL


Kwai Choong with Geoffrey Geldard


From left: (unidentified), Kim Seong (went home), Piang Fah (went home), Kwai Choong, Mei Fui.


10th KL Air Scouts and Rovers in Castle Camp 1950


Cubs with Mr. Ng Tham Ken and Ms Dorothy Poulier


Young scouter at campfire 1967
Wan Heng Yuen was then Assistant Scoutmaster, Boy Scouts.
Appointed Group Scout Leader in 2003.