In a blink of an eye, it’s time for our troop’s annual campfire. This year, the weather was great and most importantly there was no Rain! So the campfire was at the school terrace this time with a real hot Campfire. Some guests were very punctual on time than we expected. In fact, they were too punctual and can be regarded as too early when the sun is still up. This year, we even have the honor to have guests from Singapore and Hong Kong. We also had many commissioners from the District and State level attending this event.


Of course, as per 10th KL tradition, we started the campfire the usual way we do. It was carried out by the boy scouts and the seniors with 4 torch bearers.

IMG_8289And of course the boy scouts performed their Maori Stick Dance and Zulu Dance which have already made the crowd excited even before performing because of their “revealing outfits”. Then the seniors came with their intense performance of their Maori War Chant – Hakka.

IMG_8321Of course like every event, everything comes to an end eventually. We ended the campfire with the Scouting Friendship song and Taps. Then all went home after clean-up and all went well and safe.


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