On 10th to 12th of March 2012, we had a group camp in Ulu Yam where we usually have. It has been awhile since we had a group camp and the last one we had was 3 years ago in Pulau Sibu. It took alot of effort from the Group committees and scouters to organize and teach the boys how to prepare and hold a group camp when it’s their first time having a group camp.

The camp was divided into 2 campsites which are made up of a a combination of Seniors and Boy Scouts in each group. The purpose of this was for the seniors to teach the boy scouts leadership skills and also other scout skills throughout the camp. All food must be cooked using backwoods which means Everything that they’ll eat must be cooked using Firewood but not the stove. However , Rice and soup for both campsites can be cooked using a centralized stove.

wokThis time the Rovers even did a special menu for Backwoods which they named “Dirty Chicken” because it was a combination of baked chicken and Beggars’ chicken. They baked it with a self made oven using bamboos and aluminium foil for 5 hours and then covered it with mud and then the chicken was thrown into ember. It was even specially marinated with a special ingredient thanks to our Dear Scouters.

eatOther than that, it was a usual camp for our boys to learn.

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