2011, June 11th – Selayang Paintball Game Sunday, Jun 12 2011 

Paintball? Yay! Well, it ain’t that simple to begin with. Someone had to take the trouble to organise a group of Rovers who almost always have conflicting schedules. This time, the someone was Mak Aik Lam. Not only that, apparently we even got a deal with the place.

We met at KC Den before leaving for Selayang Mall. Of course, upon arriving and waiting for our turn, we did some catching up with each other, plenty of jokes and laughing around. Our turn finally came and there was a short safety briefing by an insructor. We each got our own body armour and paintball “guns”, or markers.

Game on! First round was a team elimination match, we divided the teams by shirt colours, whites vs darks. After a rather mild exchange of paintball pellets, the round was over (someone kindly comment who won, I have a poor memory). Oh, a bit about the venue. It was in a multi-storey carpark, where a part of it had been fenced using nets and the floor was covered in a layer of sawdust, presumably to reduce impact. Barrels, wooden makeshift walls served as cover.

Secound round was a capture-the-flag round. With haphazard strategy planning, gained through FPS games, we dived straight right in. This was a fierce round, both teams not letting the other take the flag in the middle of the arena. The final round was an epic team death-match. It was a round mainly to expend our excess ammo. Most aggressive round so far, with plenty of “Rambo-ing”. When it ended, we checked for injuries and it was not so bad, with most having bruises and some lacerations.

After much fun and adrenaline, someone brought up supper and ta-da! a spur-of-the-moment trip to Sungai Besi “wan tan mee” to round up the day. Well, for those who can’t make it, there is always next time. The end.


2011, June 8-11 – Templer Park Camp Sunday, Jun 12 2011 

On 8 June-11 June 2011, the boyscouts had a 4 days 3 nights camp at Templer Park.

Flag Break *Salute*

Flag Break *Salute*

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Seniors Camp June 2011 Wednesday, Jun 8 2011 

Seniors Camp

School holidays May 2011




The uniforms are clean and  fragrant after 4 days of camp.

Sincere thanks to our elder brothers. Five rovers who took the trouble to drive from Kuala Lumpur. Then walk 700 metres in the middle of the night arriving at 1.00 a.m. in camp and washed our clothes in the river.