On 16th of March 2011 to the 19th of March 2011, the senior scouts of 10th KL had an wonderful camp in Fraser’s Hill. There was about 26 scouts(including scouters and rovers) and a teacher advisory Ms. Angie who attended this fun-filled an exciting camp.

On the 16th, which is the first day,  the seniors gathered at KC den on 7:30 to get ready the the equipments needed for the camp while waiting for the arrival of bus. Due to traffic jam, we waited for the bus for 1 an a half hours until the arrival of bus. We then boarded the bus with the equipments and our harvest sacks. We arrived at our camp site– SJK(c) Bukit Fraser by 1130.Then, we unloaded the equipments and R.J Mitchell patrol was in charge of our lunch for that day. The menu was Mee Sedaap with eggs. The meal was awesome due to the starving from the morning. Later on, we went for a hike at the Herman’s trail about 1430. Unfortunately, it started to rain and the pupils are shivering, but we still manage to finish the hike. Then, we went back to our campsite and rested and some played football on the field beside our campsite. It was real fun when you try to play football in the midst. At 1730, the patrol in charge which is the Guy Gibson patrol prepared sour-sweet fish and the fried rice. We then packed our needs for a short  trekking at the Bishops trail at 10 o’clock. We trekked for an hour plus under the moon light and someone suspected that we had gone to the wrong trek, due to the dark night, everyone started to gain panic and we went back trek. After we went back to the school, we had our lights off at 1230p.m.

17th of March2011, we woke at 0600 and washed our self up and prepared to have our  breakfast. We then had our lessons on surviving skills. We went through a tough training on lighting up a fire using only twigs through friction. Though everyone of us failed. but it was rather an experience for us to know how hard its is to set up an fire if you do not have the knowledge. We also learned about the skills in using GPS as the guide when we are lost in anywhere. In the late afternoon, we had our exciting football game in the midst, how wonderful it is. In the evening, we had our wonderful dinner which is barbecue, we had some grilled chicken and some satay.  Every one of us are satisfied with the food, it was an enjoyable time. After our dinner, we had a small campfire from the used charcoals, it was cooling from the breeze on the mountain. Singing sessions and sketches were performed by some of us. 1130, lights off.

18th of March, In the early morning and even before the birdies are out for there food,we already packed our equipment needed for  the hike. We had our breakfast which are sausages with honey and egg toasted bread. It was not really enough but still we managed get some energy for the hike. by 7 everyone of us was given a short briefing by our scout master, Mak Aik Lam about the trail and then we had a warm up session conducted by the Daniel Lee. We started our hike later on and the trail was rather muddy than to say as slippery. It was fascinating because the plants and animals we saw are really rare and we are glad that we saw an ant plant. We reached the  the mountain top at 1145 after hard climb on a more than 80 degree steep ground. We our had our wonderful view on the top but the food was rather attracting compared to the scene! We ate our sardine and breads and had some water. After that, we back tracked and reached the trail entrance at 4 and there was a light rain. Heng Yuen and Zhi Hao fetch us back and we prepare for our dinner~ the Chu Han’s homemade Hainan Chicken rice. After the dinner, we had another campfire but is was not as fun as testerday as many of us were exhausted due to the long long hike. 1130 lights off.

19th of March, we woke up and had pastas . We then cleaned the campsite and had the flag down. Later on, a photo session was held and we boarded the bus and headed back to KL. by 3 p.m we reached the school and pupils went back in their separated ways.