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Our group organised a 4 days 3 nights camp at Sungai Pertak near Kuala Kubu Bharu from 13 March to 16 March 2010. The objective of this camp was to foster brotherhood among new and the current existing members. New members were also exposed to proper camping environment without any lights and gas stove.


Cooking using firewood


Above the ground; Good.

On the first day of the camp,  most of the Boy Scouts were excited as most of them, especially Form 1 new members, were first-time-campers. They learnt how to pitch a tent and light a fire. On the Seniors’ side, they had their own activities which did not look too progressive.

First day is the toughest day of the camp. From setting up the tents and gadgets to preparing lunch, everything is in chaos. In addition to the bad weather, most of the things went out of order and guess what? Lunch was a major problem. Rain went on and off for a few times and this worsened the situation. However, the Boy Scouts still managed to filled their stomachs with some guidance from the scouters. As for the Seniors, they have a simple lunch with bread and tuna. After that, they went on to make a camp table.

Cake baking

Cake baking

The cake looks good !

The cake looks good !

At night fall, the Boy Scouts managed to get some lights around their campsite because next to their campsite is the scouters ‘quarter’. Seniors are not so lucky because they are located at the opposite bank of the river.

This is... To keep our natural environment clean...

This is… To keep our natural environment clean…