21st March 2010. Group Scout Master (GSM) Siew Kow succumbed to a heart attack this morning at about 3 a.m.

Past GSM Siew Low @ Siew Wai Hon

Past GSM Siew Low @ Siew Wai Hon


He is survived by his wife, son Andrew and daughter Beatrice. Our sincere condolences to the bereaved family.Siew Kow was a teacher in the MBS Primary school and went on to teach in the secondary school and retired in 1995.




Siew Kow with 10th KL in Taman Negara in the 80s



Receiving the King Scout award in the 50s

Chin Su Keong in Hong Kong
Please convey my condolences to Brother Siew Kow’s family.
Other then the late Brother Liu Kwai Choong, Brother Siew Kow also taught me to be a good scout.
Brother Siew Kow. R. I. P.

Derek Goh in Kuala Lumpur
My Deepest Condolences to Mr Siew Kow’s family.
May his soul rest in peace.
Mikall Chong in Australia
Heartfelt condolence to the family.
I have known Siew Kow as a teacher, scoutmaster, fellow worshipper at
Wesley and a friend…an officer and a gentleman.
Lim Sze Tin in Australia
Condolences to Siew Kow’s family, esp Mrs Siew. I have known Siew Kow from a distance and was attending Wesley for many years when he was doing the same.

Kwok Chuen and Lee Lee in New Zealand
Our condolences to Siew Kow’s family too. He was one person who seldom gets angry or upset. A true Methodist.  The perfect gentlemen.

Mok Kar Wai current scout in MBSKL
My deepest condolences to Siew Kow’s family. Had been hearing his name the day I joined the scouts. It’s a regret that I did not had much close encounter with him. Thank you Siew Kow for everything I’m enjoying here.

Alex Chan in Switzerland
My deepest condolences to the bereaved family
Siew Kow was my teacher, he was a good and humble person, as they say a perfect gentlemen.
Rest in peace and god bless

Cheong Kah Thong in Kuala Lumpur
Yes, I remember Brother Scout Siew Kow as the quiet one who led by example whether we were in the school having our 10th KL scouting activities or camping somewhere.
May He Rest in Peace!  Gone to the Happy Hunting Ground!
Deepest Condolences to Mrs.  Siew, Andrew and Beatrice.
Your Brother Scout

Darryn Chiew in United Kingdom
During my short time as a scout, I only met the legendary Mr. Siew Kow
once, but have heard his name many times from Old Boys’ and Scouters.
May he rest in peace.

Lee Yoke Meng in Kuala Lumpur
My condolence to the family of the late Mr.Siew Kow. I don’t really know Mr Siew Kow personally although he was teaching in the Primary School when I was also in the primary school but was never given an opportunity to be in his class. He was then teaching in lower secondary and I was also not under his care when I was in the scouts. The only moment when I remember was helping the late Mr Siew Kow move his house to the second storey along the now Jalan Maharajalela which Sze Tin have so much found memories of.

Low Min Chee in Kuala Lumpur
With sadness we lost another comrade. Though he has not taught me before, his colleague, later wife did and was my class teacher in STD 2 (1961).

Ng Peng You
Mr. Siew Kow was my Class Teacher of Std6A in 1971. He taught us Art, Science, Geography among other subjects. An excellent and very dedicated teacher who went to great lengths in bringing all sorts of models, apparatus, utensils etc into class for our learning experience. He was both personal in approach and strict in discipline at the same time. May his soul rest in peace.
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Keng Lim Choong
My deepest condolences. Thank you sir
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Dato’ Davy Woo in Kuala Lumpur
This is the teacher who had changed my life & put me in where I am now. Without him I could be just a store-keeper to the most. His love for his profession, his humanity & an unselfishness attitude had pull me out from my parents’ home of poverty. I am wondering how many teachers in this time have similar attitude & quality. May he enjoy peace in his eternal life.
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Jacky Ngew
RIP. Will miss him dearly.
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Mickey Tan
Rest in peace Mr. Siew! My condolences to the family members.
Andrew, take care & be strong.
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Phillip Tan in Singapore
Together with Kwai Choong they were legends in 10th KL . My deepest condolence to the family.

Tan Chee Chong in Kuala Lumpur
My sincere condolences to the bereaved family.
I never got a chance to be taught by Mr. Siew Kow but if my memory does not fail me, he was quite big and fair in complexion and taught Arts subjects ?  Was he the teacher that directed the students to paint the mural on the wall of the Primary School Office block ?