A 3 days 2 nights training camp held in SK St. John, Kuala Lumpur.

WoodBadge Traning Camp II Participant:

1. Wong Hsien Loong

2. Chan Zhi Hao

King Scout Sikap Camp Participant:

1. Kuan Num Sung

2. Chooi Fuat Wai

3. Wu Chu Jing

4. Boey Jin Wern

5. Alvin Kuan

6. Joshua Yon Chun Yee

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“We have new experience that they never had and learn a few thing that is not practiced by our own group.

Although it was 3 dAyS or grinning , sleepless and boorring things that went on, we know that there is something that we must share with our junior… ”

Lots of works if you want to brush up 10th KL…