Malaysia Dog Day Duty [June 28, 2009] Sunday, Jun 28 2009 is the organizer of this whole event.

Okay so the event starts at 10am so we have to gather at the scout den at 9am. Was planning to move to Chin Woo hill where the event was held by 9.30am but many were late. And we chose to wait.

And at 9.45am, we have less than 10 men as opposed to the expected 23. Despite that, we moved on anyway, hoping that the rest will turn up later. Probably they were stuck in some jam caused by the KL Marathon and a Bomba event at our dear neighbour school.

*Walks up the hill*

*Lots of cars*

*Meets the organizer*

*He gasped at our puny turnout*

Anyway, work starts. Me and Fuat Wai were assigned to be the frontmen. Fronting lots of cars at the bottom of the hill………..The others went into the stadium to help the competitions.

Okay so we were given the task to firewall the incoming traffic because the parking lots are all filled up. We had to direct every car that bore the intention to run us down, to some other parking lots. Sounds easy.

Man I tell you, some drivers are so “assertive”. So we let them through la. Anyway our firewall got breached a few times because some cars managed to zip past us by roaring their engine onto the lane with opposing traffic. Totally disregarding us. Respect man. *Salutes*

Some of them even funnier. Told them there’s no more space to park their car, so he nods and drives into our school. Next thing you know, he comes back, this time faster! And there you go, he’s behind you. Totally pwn3d us man……..We must be lousier than Windows XP’s Firewall…


After this, we went into the air-conditioned stadium to check out the athlete dogs. Most of them look adorable, and miraculously they don’t seem to shit in the stadium like they do on the tar roads! Too cold probably?

After all that competition, cleanup time~ Packed stuffs for them, they gave us some goodies. And we were heading home already.

Overall, nice experience.

  • Got to deal with various drivers with all kinds of personalities and looks. Yup. Some were a pretty sight.
  • Saw many dogs and got to know what kind of things that their owners make them wear!
  • Lastly, it doesn’t smell like a pet shop!!! Thank God!

AND. I think those who managed the traffic have improved on their assertiveness too, no idea what was the magnitude of improvement though. Good experience for them anyway, first-hand experience of the real world that awaits us upon graduation from our studies.

Lastly. Pictures. None unfortunately =(( See how dependent we are on our dear Zhi Hao? Good luck in Malacca =D


Pulau Sibu Camp [June 5-8, 2009] Monday, Jun 8 2009 

On the 5th till 8th of June 2009, 10th KL Air Scouts went to Pulau Sibu… [Argh!!! Sorry for late post, but Form 6 really swamped my schedule. Anyway, moving on with this piece of memory simply known as “The Memoir of Pulau Sibu: 4 Nights, 3 Days, 2 Beaches, 1 Island”]

Photos here.

4th of June 2009

The group was informed beforehand to arrive at 9 pm. With others being either early or late, the early ones starting the work of packing the things up for the camp. After everyone was gathered and things were already loaded up, what else? Onboard the bus we went like *ahem* orderly…boys we were. Let the butt-numbing, back-breaking, bladder bursting 7 hours of bus ride begin from midnight 12.

For the first few hours in Bus B (the Mafia playing gang bus), Min Hao was busy explaining the mechanics of the game to the Boy Scouts and playing along with them. A few pit stops here and there, we reached Tanjung Leman by 7 am, the point where we will take boats to the much said about utopian island.

5th of June 2009

Unloaded the equipments and food off the bus and loaded them back into the bunk boat. We got across by speedboats, which was instantly refreshing after the long bus journey. With the sea-water laced wind in our faces, we took approximately 20 minutes to reach one of Pulau Sibu’s jetty. A while later, the bunk boat arrived and the cycle of unload-load began once again. We gathered in the shade provided by a big tree (anyone has any clue what tree it is?), deciding what to do and did it. Some were assigned to carry equipment into the complimentary chalet aka Scouters’ Room aka HQ aka QM Room. Some to the kitchen, bringing along kitchen equipment and food, setting it up for lunch.

Meanwhile, tents began to unfurl and take shape as everyone chose their campsite. (which later was under-utilised, read on to find out why) With Chon Ming and Chee Wah at the kitchen, cooking away despite of the hot weather and kitchen heat, he gave everyone a wonderful lunch, 3 dishes + 1 soup, (guys, as a reminder, actually WE are supposed to cook that time, they was only supposed to guide us through). However, nature has a change of plan and soon, it began raining, with boys who were already playing in the sea coming out of the water and others running towards the kitchen for shelter as well as lunch. The best part was drinking the hot, peppery cabbage chicken stock soup while it was raining. Nothing could compare with the sensation.

The rain continued with the same intensity, never waning until it was already too late begin our supposed first program, that was exploration of the island and mapping. With Gary in lead, we went to the erm… front desk reception hall? that was poorly maintained. He taught the 4 Lead 5 Bights Turk’s Head, with little actually successfully completing it and others being frustrated at the diagram shown that was definitely misleading.

Next was dinner followed by our first campfire there, everyone in a jolly mode and later lights out to a exhausting start of a camp, with some already choosing to sleep on the beach, funnily though, with some sitting and sleeping.

6th of June 2009

The sunrise was in one word, magnificent. The sight of it breaking out of the horizon and slowly rising above the clouds compensated for the lack of comfortable sleep. The highlight of the day was water games and canoeing. However, injuries occured, with Ken Ji apparently stung by a jellyfish and Wen Qiang complaining of severe stomach pain which many speculated to be appendicitis. After that, a pretty short walk to the village nearby, although it has been modernised, to have a look and try our luck in catching clams that are supposedly abundant near there. However, all efforts were futile and we decided to continue playing in the water. After quite some time, we set back on our way to the campsite. Gary decided to sprint and posed a challenge, anyone who arrived after him has to do push-ups 20 times. In fact, it was actually a test of obeying orders, with Gary later vehemently lecturing us about our nonchalance to his challenge and purposely giving up, which was unlike the scouting spirit.

After lunch, we did scout training for about 2 hours, with the time being split into 4 half-hour intervals and 4 stations with various items. Definitely, it was insufficient but a proper session can be conducted in schools during meetings. Again, after this was another break, which everyone took to the waters hurriedly and enjoyed ourselves.

At night, a treasure hunt was planned with Weinan leading a campfire to distract the boys while the other young scouters planted clues all over various places. (Wish to apologise here for causing a misunderstanding between the clue-planters and accidentally “starting” the hunt earlier.) With the winner being Bravo team led by Yii Yang, they got to enjoy 3 coconuts as a well-deserved reward. Just a passing remark, the Moon was really scenic throughout the entire camp.

7th of June 2009

Note: Wake up early in camp if you can get an excellent view of the morning sunrise. Slowly witness the Sun’s hue and colour changing the skyline and horizon plus a reflection in the water. Tak boleh dapat  di KL. Today was a more relaxed pace compared to the days before. Things done included parts of Usaha badge, with the makeshift obstacle course being the most physically demanding, especially for Weinan who had to do it twice to show the boys that it can be done. The commando crawl was torturous…

After dinner, the Seniors went off to discuss about presenting a sketch later during campfire and the boys listening to Min Hao and Alvin about the badge scheme. If not wrong, during the night’s campfire, we had a lot of fun especially with the song “The Night is Young”. Rovers were echoing parts that shouldn’t be echoed and Heng Yuen splashed a bit of water on us for our mishief. Lights out with many still opting for open air sleeping at the beach.

8th of June 2009

The last day of camp. Breaking camp was done efficiently and exceptionally well, in fact ahead of schedule. With everyone in uniform, we conducted investiture ceremonies for those who successfully passed Tenderfoot and Usaha badges. Another marvelous speed boat ride to the mainland and into the bus we go!

Lunch at Mersing was wonderful as we got to see another town very much different from KL. It has a certain laidback feel to it yet modern enough to feel suitable in.

Reached Scout Den around 7 pm. After a brief unloading, we were dismissed. Ciao!