I’m Wan Wei Liam but usually known as ebboz in the troop (I also don’t know when i had a name like that). Anyway it has been already five years, no already eight years including those primary school days that I have been in scouting environment . I’m glad that I still survive till now.  So hard to believe har, after so many training I had during my first day of joining the Tenth Bukit Bintang Air Scouts in MBSKL.

I still remember my first day of joining 10th KL is on a Friday during the recruitment drive way before Kenneth Wong Fat Kong took over as the TL (troop leader) of the troop. It was during the afternoon at 1.00 pm, I walk to the back of the school as instructed during morning announcement by the prefects that all scouts gather after school at the back of the school to prepare something.

When when I reach there and I informed someone that I wanted to join the scouts, a senior scout walked towards me and straight away wrote my name in a book and then he quickly began to teach me the knotting, lashing and a lot of thing on the spot then he asked me to help other scouts on building a bakau structure. Actually i had no idea what I was learning from them.

I still remember that i was still under a patrol leader named Seong Bin. Aiya, he was such a bold guy I ever met during those days. after that event i keep on practicing my knots until one moment i was known as the best scout in knotting. During that time i was so good at knot and lashing .

All this is the past that exist in my memory. I hope there will be second me in the scout troop next time. From this scout training I had, I noticed that is a lot of change in me. From my notice for today and my advice is (to be a great player is a very easy thing , but to be a great leader is 10 times harder that the great player)