It just had to begin after so many years of stagnant activity and when was the last time since the rover crew had such erm….LUNCHEON?? Well, I do not know for whatever sakes it takes.

You see, I’m not in a mood of checking up dictionaries or finding for the definition of the word (Luncheon) and I pretty much do not have the time for it. So I AM taking that it has SOMETHING to do with those luncheon meats you get in cans. By the way, I know it also has something to do with lunch but who DOESN’T take them for breakfasts?

Anyway, the 2006 Form 5 scouts just had to have some get-together before the Luncheon and so we ended up arriving at school a pretty 3 hours ahead of the lunch, I mean, The Luncheon. What did we do? We entertain ourselves. No, we let the boys entertain us (and please do not get carried away with your imaginations). …… and enough about that…to the Luncheon please…


As enthusiastic as ever, everyone moved to the Pik Wah Restaurant and Hsien Loong got to order the foods. But then the food never came. That’s because we got a call from someone and we had to cancel that particular lunch in that restaurant so that we could try out something better than peanuts, soy sauce, tea and chilli that cost RM 26!!

So the “drivers” brought us to Salak Selatan to devour the Bak Kut Teh in that shop named “Stone Rice Something”. Don’t ask me, maybe it was due to their dehydrated rice. And we had some nice food there, so NICE that I do not remember what I ate.


Hopefully, I will somehow remember the EXACT response from Charlie after Heng Yuen joked about his car getting summon slips.

Anyway, the whole lunch meet was about the future of the Rovers. But then, first things first, we had to get all the Rovers in contact so we appointed someone to be in charge of it. He’ll be putting contacts into a database so he’ll be some kind of contacts-person, really.

Just about then, the next agenda slips in. That would be about the camp that we are going to have sometime this year. And so, a few more blokes got chosen and agreed to be in the planning committee, planning for our next Rovers Camp.

Prior to that, we have decided to have a meeting on January 26, 2007 (Saturday) so that we could discuss our next camp. First we decided on having just the camp committee members to come. But then later, we decided that anybody who is interested could come to the camp-planning meeting.

Right after that, then came a minor problem which may in turn lead to a MAJOR problem! Nothing actually, just the question of when and how often are we to meet together after that lunch. I mean, like, there’s not gonna be anymore “free lunch”, right? If I’m wrong, then probably the problem has been solved. Anyways, it’s just going to be once a month, on one of the sunny Saturdays.


Warning: This is a sequel and has nothing to do with anything above.

So after the Luncheon, we all made a move back to our alma mater, the Monkey Boys School. So what was going on in our monkey minds? Yes, climbing trees. What trees? Rambutan trees!!!

Yes, I mean, no. Yes because we went for those trees and No, because we didn’t actually climb it. 21st generation monkeys are never that dumb anymore, so we monkeys used cutters installed on one end of a long pole and went along collecting our share of Rambutans.

Little did we know, the monkeys in us were silently banging onto our hearts, wishing we could’ve just climbed onto those trees and pluck the juicy Rambutans right off those branches! *drooools*

So after that, we all had to return to our monkey base, the MBS. This time, Dominic drove the car! Don’t get me started, but I just can’t stop spilling the beans on how many times the keep “died fire“. No offense here, hope you don’t get to read this post. Anyway, I canceled the words, right? Yes I did. Later 🙂