helo there dear brother scouts…how are you guys doing?running well on individual own track?..wish all of you good health and success…

it had been quite a long time since i leave 10th KL and MBS….may be not as long as some of you out there…..

i graduated from MBS on year 2004 (hihi…3 years ago =P)…was with 10th KL when i was first in form 1…..when i was in form 3..the condition in the group goes worse, and there was many problem between the boys and school administrator..Mr Loo Wan Yong was the principle at that time…then during my form 4 days, things got a little turning….Law Wai Hoe introduce us to Mr Gary Lee, and thats the start when all our wonderful old scouts came into the picture of this young scouts….from there i get to know Mr Heng Yuen, Mr Kwai Chong, Mr Yeu Kun and the others (did i spell your name rightly?sorry if i dont..i dont know the exact spelling actually…)

10th Kl just got better after that..with the support from the old boys, as well as support from the school…

oh…i just lost my lines…*sigh*…..actually i had finished typing…but my internet connection got disconnected and i had to retype from my last auto draft…and now i lost my trent of though…..perhaps next time then….haha

good day guys…cherioo

p/s: in case some of you would like to know, i’m Kenneth Wong..here is my e-mai – cyber_kent@hotmail.com , cyberkent@gmail.com