How time flies, and so many events. End of school year has come and gone, a new batch of scouts, patrol leaders will take on the new year.

I’ve been travelling and work has bogged me down on my return to mundane routine. Still that’s no excuse not to update this blog and report on progress of the Group Den. More on that later.

2006 year end camp for the boys was in Janda Baik. I could not be back on time to join them. Kwai Choong, Yew Kuen, Chee Wah went with the boys accompanied by Ms Raguna and Mr. Lee.

Ms Raguna will commence her new assignment in Bukit Mertajam for school year 2007. We will miss her, but glad that she will be with her loved family up north. The boys gave Ms Raguna a fond farewell and a camp bed to remember them by everytime she lies on the bed. Good luck in your new post, Ms Raguna.

Chee Wah provided the photographs below. Click on the photograph for a larger version

It’s the wet season at the end of the year, the camp experienced only short periods of no rain, still the boys enjoyed themselves.

The photographs of the boys are different from my time only in that they are in colour and in digital format. Otherwise the same cheeky faces are there.