10th KL boasts of existence from 1915. That means we have scouts who range from age from current boys to really old codgers.

There was a question as to who maintains this blog. Four (4) persons. Starting from the youngest : – Khoo Chong Ming, Kenneth Wong, Freddie Tiang and Wan Heng Yuen. Go yell at them for any errors and/or ommissions. Not too loud though, we need these young flers with their knowledge of IT to keep this blog going.

In the meantime, a one time mail shot has gone out to MBSKL alumni. There were more than 740 email addresses many of these may not be 10thKL. 35 tendang balik because there were no longer valid. What was surprsing was that lots more got kicked out because the email originated directly from a TMNet IP address. Apparently, the dynamic IP addresses by TMNet has been blacklisted by Spamhaus and other spam blocks and did not reach MBS alumni.

There would not be further attempts to reach out to MBS alumni other than this attempt.

Response is Encouraging

There has been 7 responses to that single mail shot from some long lost brother scouts, four of them no longer in Malaysia.

Response with Contributions

None so far. That’s still encouraging. Meanwhile, one old Falcon in Kuala Lumpur queitly slipped in a cheque for RM1,000.00 and another Eagle on a visit from NZ, also did the same, also with RM1,000.00. That NZ chap gave RM1,000.00 on his last trip home for a total contribution of RM2,000.00. Thanks flers.