Group Den Building Fund Saturday, Sep 30 2006 

In embarking on buidling a permanent home for 10th KL, we have had help from many quarters. The board at the construction site shows the names of all the professionals involved. The architect and consultant engineer are both 10th KL boys.

There will be no bills from these two.

The contractor who won the bid by open tender to construct the den, Zimara Sdn Bhd is managed by another 10th KL boy. Flexible terms of payment has meant no mobilisation fee, he has requested that cost of building material be met on time to keep his suppliers’ confidence and the continued flow of more materials.

The balance of his fees is to be paid on a “payable when able” basis.

With the hefty increase in petrol prices after the contract was awarded, Zimara was asked whether they would need an opportunity to review the contract price. The company has assured that they will aborb the increased costs.

The ultimate owners of the property has also been very accomodating, the Methodist Church owns the property and they want to be assured that the plans be properly approved and that all contractors must have their bills satisfied.

10th KL has so many people to be grateful to, we now need to be grateful to you, our older brother scouts, the parents of scouts, then and now as well as our many friends who have 10th KL at heart.

The contract cost is about RM140,000. Furniture and fittings will push this figure a few notches up. The buiding fund stands at about RM50,000 at the moment. It appears that we are about RM100,000 short.

It’s the job of Building Committee Chairman KT Leong and Group Council Chairman Liu Kwai Choong to rais the balance for the building fund.

If you wish to help out with contribution, please make out your cheque to:
10th Bukit Bintang Air Scouts Group and send it to:

Methodist Boys Secondary School
Jalan Hang Jebat
50150 Kuala Lumpur

Should there be a need to contact 10th KL Group Council, please send email to kwaichoong _at_ (please reconscruct address as

Your comments, suggestions and feedback would be pubilshed here if readers would give us feedback.


Dig, Dig. Build, Build Saturday, Sep 30 2006 

Six months after the ground breaking ceremony, the construction of the 10th KL Group Den has started. The successful tenderer based on the lowest price, fastest delivery and very flexible payment terms was selected from 4 sealed bids received.

[To view full sized pictures, click on each picture]

If you had visited the school on 16th September 2006, the hoadings were already up and construction material delivered to site.

That’s the sign which greets visitors at the Wesley Church.

Down the drive and peek round the laboratory to view the outside of the old den and the hustle and bustle of construction sinks in. The yellow arrow points to the entrance of the existing den

The back hoe is working on the foundation of the new two story scout den. Men and machine working in unision.