Frasers Hill Camp 2005

2005, May 28 – June 21: Camp at Frasers Hill

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Yay! Another camp in Frasers! ^^

So we gathered in a horseshoe on that morning, settled our equipments, (lotsa canned) rations and utensils, then get into a coach and left KL for the rest of the May. =_=

A last horsehoe before takeoff

Throughout that few hour trip, the bus driver was blasted with an infinite amount of scout songs with around 100 dB! Why didn’t he turn on the TV anyway?

Nevermind that, because there’s alot more to talk about although I can’t seem to put it in the exact chronology. First things first, we reached the Gap and had a break and some refreshments in the Gap Resthouse. Pretty old place they have there, kinda like the guest’s hall in The House of Wax. And pretty nice food they have there, it sure fills us up. Though, I won’t talk on how tasty their food was.

Snacking at the Gap Resthouse

FYI, this is just half the way

Isn’t the scenery nice, by the way?

Anyway, let’s move on to our next picture…

Moments right after the opening of the Gap gate for upflow traffic, our coach zoomed at the speed of light and..arrived at this comfy nest:

Guess humans just have to loiter around abit before acclimatizing to that sort of place where they are gonna stay for 4 days!

What’s Chi Hoe doing anyway, he’s not looking at the camera….

Despite having the need to walk around and explore stuffs, we still had to unload goods from the pumpkin carriage which brought us all the way from KL to the top of the hill. And what have we got here? Like I stated earlier “lotsa canned rations” merely meant this:

Wasn’t that much, but if you’ve taken the time to count them….then’ll I’ll reward you with some mysterious gift if you manage to get the correct answer! You’ll never be able to count them correctly, neither can you even guess it correctly! Click on the picture for a larger and clearer view!

The above image shows you where the Senior Scouts have been sleeping at. Huh? Why eggs? Because it’s the Quartermaster’s Store by the way.

Tonight’s dinner! Oh my goodness, scrambled chicken meat! ( I thought it was..)

Then, needless to say anymore:


The warden came and instructed every single prisoner there to remain silent, otherwise it’s execution time!

Keeping track of the amount food we have because our records didn’t seem to tally with what we have. Someone might have been snacking while everyone was fast asleep.

Actually, I was mapping out the QM store and split it into 6 sections:

  1. All the can foods
  2. Perishables/cooking utensils
  3. Un-perishables (e.g. rice, sugar, bread, Maggi) / marjerin, jams
  4. Equipments/eggs
  5. Shoes/guitar
  6. Bags

At last! At 9.52 pm, dinner was served. Pretty good job huh? I wouldn’t comment on that.
Scraping pots to feed the prisoners that was released from that room just now.

Meanwhile………The old boys seemed to be having some kind of better food there….*drools* *steamboat*!!

Is there enough food? I don’t know. Everybody survived the camp, that’s all I know.

Anyway, we had a songs session after gobbling up all those scrumptious Yee Mee:

Kwai Choong leads.

Choo joins in.

Weinan surprises the crowd.

Seong Bin’s turn.

Zhi Hao leaves.

Anonymous’ turn to lead. He turns around, I wonder who was that?

Oh, was that bugger Au Yong.

See? Au Yong didn’t know how to lead. Heng Yuen had to dip his hands in to correct the problem. Useless git holding that paper, buck up man!

There Ms. Raguna, our most dedicated teacher advisor was shivering….she should dance, it would warm her up. Lol.

There he goes again…tickling our hearts

Now where was the teacher? She could dance well, too bad no one recorded her dancing the Zulu Zulu.

Shortly after that, Ah Kit lead the game of erm…imagination? Someone please tell me what it was…

Then, the Hakka Dance:

Then maybe it was the patrol performances:

I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to be able to recall half the camp, so I’m merely narrating these pictures on and off….

After all that performance, everyone was tired and wanted wear. So, it was all:

..until morning

Note: The above pic was taken after the sleeping beauty pic.

Then, everyone did their morning exercise by jogging to the town centre and back, up.

While waiting for breakfast, each had their moody mood:

Well, not everyone….

Neither do they…

We had:

But after breakfast, everyone is energetised!!

Still, Seong Bin does find time to laze around

Nevertheless, we made him walk through some pretty thick mist, right up to Silverpark, the highest resort in Fraser’s Hill:

And…We ended up in someone’s apartment.

Later on, we had a trek in I-forgot-what-was-it Trail:

Later, there were supposed to be some activities which I totally forgot about it. Anyway we were supposed to have:

Rice, spinach with minced meat and mushrooms. Egg Fooyong, braised chicken with potatoes. Salted vegetable soup. Banana.


The next day:

Sleeping bags were supposed to be the best thing to have in that camp

The Prof. Weinan (google it) putting a blade on that parang!

While Muthu checks out the SJKCFH’s library book, btw there’s still lotsa cans!

Finally, it’s time for breakfast!

And lunch!!!

Besides Chef Wan, we brought our own established Chef Chan too!! Yummy sambal !!

I doubt it was so nice to observe, I guess the stove itself is radiating much-needed heat…

Nevermind that anyway, we had something to fill our stomachs with, whatever it was. Then, it was time to set out towards a multitude of trails. The Seniors got the job of cleaning the trails, hacking away branches and obstacles while The Boy Scouts proceed with their Usaha Journey (Second-class):

A group photo before/after trail-cleaning

Boy Scouts trekking the Bishop’s Trail

This is the kind of obstacles you should expect, not more. What more with the current WTF WWF cleaning them up continually.

And by the way, we met up with the Boy Scouts halfway into the Bishop’s Trail.Then we continue cleaning up the “mess”, let the Boy Scouts pass through us and met up with them again as soon as we finish our job.

Pheew…job done! (so far as lunch is concerned), so:

Here were the Seniors itching to grabbing a bite

Here were the Eagles with Ah Kit (in black)

Some ritual where everyone gawks at the camera before food is served…

Notice the empty billycans, and the number of hands reaching towards the central point

A crowd!! Was it because of the shade? Or more food? Nope. There’s the Old Ghost.

Anyways, it’s back to work after the meal:

Then some major traffic jam

Then like after some hours of walking horr… we finally got out of the trail.

And who didn’t have cuts on his arms after going through that amount of tall thorny grass? At least, we managed to find our way out, not like those three boys that got lost in that jungle for three days. That freak incident happened just days/weeks from this camp we had.

Yeah we got out! And guess what? We found…………….

A playground…….. =_= and right away, the monkeys in Monkey Boy School broke out from within their cages

Monkeys testing out its structural stability

Another round!!!

These two grown up monkeys………sigh

Back to school, we had a teabreak and…..straight to dinner because I forgot what happened in between 5pm and 8pm………and I believe we fried some nuggets which was obviously NEVER ENOUGH!!!

Despite the desire to have more fried chicken nuggets, they still had to battle on in this:

Tug-of-War that needs only 2 smart/heavy flers.

This time, bigger and heavier flers…

After midnight, the heat went on:

Then Kuan Jhun and I performed the Maori stick dance…while Heng Yuen sings along

Lazy flers still in their comfy cocoons at 8.27am

Pancake time!!!

By noon:

The seniors are having their tactical discussion on how to crush the Boy Scouts at football

And by 5pm:

We headed towards Silverpark, and..

Pitched a tent beside an apartment ….

then went into Heng Yuen’s unit and….what did we do? I really forgot…


We did this….. HANDS UP!!

Hmm…too high?? HANDS UP!!!


And look at this, the guy in grey would be thanking me right now….lol ..n praisin himself…XP

Anyway, it’s another Hands UP!!! So as you see, no one wins hands down in a basketball game, not like football anyway….FYI, Footballs come with a human magnet that is capable of attracting 22 humans anywhere.

Ok, so I’m not gonna elaborate on what happened before I left Silverpark.

So, I wasn’t in Silverpark at night. I was in the school we stayed. Why? What about the others? I don’t know, I guess they were starving on canned curry chicken and satays.

But I was very well fed in school, you see, they had a barbeque together with the old boys! And of course the school was warmer to sleep in, so I guess I that was why I preferred the school instead.

Anyway, Zhi Hao the photographer wasn’t mad enough to follow me back to school. So he stayed in Silverpark and took his own sweet time taking pictures, here you go:

I can’t possibly stuff anymore of those pics because this page is already being filled with TONNES of pictures, so instead, visit Frasers Hill Camp 2005 Gallery.


And so on the next morning:

We had eggs!! And probably it was the hungriest morning….notice the number of heads in the pic, where’re they staring at?

And right after breakfast, I had amnesia so you know what I mean:

Clean up time!!

And oh by the way, I remembered the apples were too much so everyone was forced to chomp down some of it.

Or else, why would anyone eat apples?

And at last! It was time to leave the “campsite” after all the fun we have had, suddenly I felt like staying for a longer time. BUT THEN, the bed at home seems more comfortable, so does the toilet.

So after some last clean up in the kitchen, we packed our stuffs to be loaded onto the coach and………


Well, he wasn’t the only one…….


Look at those heads at the back….

Lullaby babies, on the coach seats…. 🙂

Hmm… Hui Chiang (on the left ) looks happy….muahaha

Surprisingly, it was still bright…….




And Home Sweet Home, we arrived at the school, dumped our gears, grabbed our stuffs n headed back to MBSOBA to….you know:

Hit some balls..





Director: 10th KL Air Scouts Group

Storyteller: Au Yong Min Hao

Narrator: Au Yong Min Hao

Font colours: Au Yong Min Hao

Article: Au Yong Min Hao

Pictures: Au Yong Min Hao

Links: Au Yong Min Hao

And Lastly!!! The Photographer:

Chan Zhi Hao

He provided all the photos above, all thanks to him I’m able to rewrite an age-old history! Credits actually go to everyone, otherwise there wouldn’t be any story to write. =)