2005, April 23: Confucian Campfire

Confucian Campfire (Gvnt) 2005

Nothing much, just wanted to voice out some opinions (or more than that).

  1. I think they invited us because we’re just next door.
  2. They forgot our troop’s name.
  3. Our troop didn’t get our share of refreshment.
  4. They asked us, “Where are y’all from?”
  5. They spoke in Mandarin most of the time. (Not that I don’t understand, but others don’t)
  6. It ended with TAPS and everyone left by 10.30pm.

The End.

Thank you very much. Want pics? Here you go:

The campfire was fun anyway where we can actually dance with other scouts. The only problem was, they have a problem with their English speaking. (Please continue for me)

P/s: I’m so sorry I had nothing to explain. No particular memory for this campfire. I need help here again! Please, someone help help complete this page!

Thank You In Advance