Somewhen in April 2005, probably on the 9th, a Saturday, we went for that gathering in Catholic High School.

We met up in a stall nearby before queuing up to enter their school compound. And when we got inside, we were handed a phosphorus band, or fluorescent band or luminescent band, whatever it is called, and a bracelet I think. Then we just sat there and listened to the music that they blasted until the night fell…and that’s when the party started! Man this ain’t campfire. It’s a party cum gathering! But who’s complaining? Hehe.

We did games, enjoyed certain performances, and had to sit through the Digi advertisements while some staunch Maxis supporters shouted out MAXIS!!!! instead.

Okay there was this performance, think it was a girl singing (should be la), and the Connaught school beside us decided to show some antics and breakdanced in front of everyone…Yeah whatever. And our very Dominic Au ran towards the stage escorted by some scouts (I think), but he got shoo-ed back by the teacher-in-charge! LOL!

Anyway the whole show was okay la…quite entertaining. There was a dance too, which I couldn’t find a partner, too shy I guess. Jonathan too! He was hitting on a much-too-impossible girl that he wanted to dance with, and yeah, so he didn’t get to do so.

Nyada nyada…

THE END. I don’t remember this gathering that well nor do I have any pictures with me. Heard there was a video but I really have no idea. Anyway I welcome anyone who might have any material that could help me expand and complete this article….coz this his one heck of a short one….


Bye. Signing out.

edited: I FOUND A PIC!