40 KM Hike from Gohtong Jaya to KL

Now THIS is what I call a HIKE!!

Erm…forget what you see above. That’s because What You See Isn’t What You Get! As simple as that.

But anyway, what you are GOING TO see is gonna be what you’re gonna get. Rest assured you’ll get what you see and read on…….

On December (dont-know-what-date-was-it) , some 13 energetic young blokes decided to have some fun and so they decided to follow the advice to scale the Genting Highland!! (downwards from Gohtong Jaya)

So on that day, that morning, around 10-11 in the morning, we gathered in school and made our way to the Puduraya bus station. Wait, before that, we split ourselves into two groups. So out of those 13 flers:

1st Group:

  1. Au Yong Min Hao
  2. Chaw Yuet Xin
  3. Chin Seong Bin
  4. Chia Tong Hong
  5. Julian Wong
  6. Wong Kuan Jhun

2nd Group:

  1. Dominic Au
  2. Lee Wei Sam
  3. Mok Tau Voon
  4. Tai Weinan
  5. Tan Zhi Wei
  6. Woo Weng Leong
  7. Chew Yat Chung

Anyway the two groups set out at a different times, with the 1st group hopping into a bus to Genting Highlands at an earlier time which was around noon and the 2nd group at around 3 hours after us, the first group.So we, the first group (Note: I don’t know what the 2nd group did, refer to Tai Weinan’s article), we bought tickets (RM 16.80 or was it RM4.80?) to get to Genting Highlands.

But halfway there, the wretched clouds started releasing their water content. Raincoats, we don’t have. What to do? As soon as we reached Gohtong Jaya, which is just half-hill, we changed into our casual clothes in some toilet in the bus station. Then, Seong Bin or someone else suggested we take a walk in a shopping mall(?) in search for some latex that can prevent us from being soaked to our bones.

But it was to no avail, since when does shopping malls sell raincoats (of course there is an exception), what more the one in Gohtong Jaya. So we explored again, the same thing was not to be found!

Sheesh…….Anyway, we ‘braved’ ourselves through the rain, ‘whistling’ through the raindrops. Damn,we got really wet and cold.

Die lo, if this time really get sick next camp cannot come lor….


Die la

Dunno ler

No one got sick anyway.

OK, so we bathed in the rain and Tong Hong even took out his towel to wrap his head. Then we walked walked walked and walked for a very loooooooong time.

Then we checked our GPS device we borrowed from our GSM. WTF!! 3.3km only!! And that was after some 1½ hours! So anyway, 36.7km more to go, within 24 hours.

6:10pm Julian is the first in front, I am at the back, writing down this sentence.

It is 20°C!!

No big deal…It’s just that you can see everyone emitting vapour from their mouths….

6:15pm We are 708 metre above sea level!!

6:20pm Some sinistrous guy wants to help us..

6:30pm We are already exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *were we?* Anyway, a lorry passed by and the smoke that came out from its exhaust pipe was freaking BLACK!! The smoke never made it to the sky, it just dropped down to the wet ground, dissolved by water and the ground is looking BLACK now. Oh my gawd…that was soooo cold….*was it?*

Then after some time we checked our GPS device again. Then WTF AGAIN!! 4KM??!! @#$%!!

After all that walk? 4km+? Haha….36km more to go…

6:42pm We managed a bend and we saw a Perodua Kancil car stopping by the roadside. Then the driver in it offered us a ride uphill. Thanks!! But no thanks!! We are going downhill… =_=

7:00pm We decided take a break. So we rested by the highway, sitting on those road-fences. Then, Kuan Jhun complaint about his lethargy.

Tired la….twisted my toe also la

Rest la

So after some rest, we continued scaling Genting Highlands, downwards. Then it began to turn dark and spooky…

and hungry…….

So we sat by the road, took out some biscuits and chomped it as if they were only air

even hungrier……..

We pondered on whether or not to whip out some dishes using the solid fuels……we thought not…….probably because there were no food….

We just kept walking and walking…………

Then we noticed some field on our left.

And walked on…..

Then we reached a bridge, with some orang asli houses that has lighting! Then we saw some nice fireflies, too bad they were out of reach…T___T

Then we reached a fork!


Wei…Which way to go arr>?

Dunno worr

How arr?

Dunno lerr

Ask Heng Yuen la

You call la

Okay okay… I call la

Yeala! Faster!

Wait larr

Haiyoh…Rest first la

Come come, sit down here


Wei… he say take left turn worr

Haiyah, tired la….rest first la

okay okay


So dark….so spooky

Then they were lights flashing behind us!


Eh? What’s that? Ghost arr?


NEH! There!

Ya worr, what’s that harr? Eh no la! Shyt! They’re coming ady!


So fast one they all?





haiyo…..phew…tired la, dowan run ady lah….

yarlo…lazy la…so tired already

wait for them la

yarlah…wait for them…

yea…so fast de?

dunno…u ask them lerr

coming ady


WOI, how come u all so fast de?

Dunno…….you so lah

dunno you lah…..suddenly so fast one….you run arr?

No lah…..you slow lo…


Yahorr…we always rest…of course la


You never rest meh?

Got…abit la

YING worr….



Then we decided to walk together……..

*Heng Yuen’s car is in front*

He then gave us 2 options, whether to head straight to KL or camp at Ulu Yam first.

Of course the sane and tired soul in us chose to rest first….so we took a left turn into Ulu Yam

Then the other group left us to walk ahead while Heng Yuen went back to talk to them.

The 1st group then walked and walked……….

We passed by a cemetery……

Haha, look to your left



Yeala….haha… scared got ghost arr?

WOOI, cemetery arr….WALK FASTER LA!!

Then all of a sudden….we started running

At that time, my ankles are already aching like hell. I even had to struggle to keep my pace…. Nevertheless, kept walking…till we reached a restaurant in Ulu Yam

*Oh MY Gawd!!* *FOOD!!!* *droooooooooooolssss…….*

But we weren’t supposed to use any money…

Anyway, we continued walking again and Heng Yuen’s jeep approached us again. But this time, he came as a SAVIOUR!!! He gave us a ride to the Ulu Yam campsite !! Woohoo!! It saved the aches (for 10 minutes).

Right after reaching the campsite, we pitched the tents. Hey, wait. Where did all the tents come from? I don’t remember bringing heavy stuffs like that during the journey. God knows anyway……..

Then we cooked some stuff to eat. Wait a minute, where did the pots come from again? Oh no….suddenly popped out from nowhere.

At that time, it was already midnight! After the tents, we focused on preparing our food (which probably was Maggi).

Seong Bin then calls his mom:

Halo, ma?

Eat already arr?

Yawtf?? we’re still getting out our solid fuels

So late already, why still haven sleep one?

Ya, now sleeping already. Good nitelol…we’re still beginning to cook

Sleep well arr

okay okay, babaiomg…

Meanwhile, we managed to light up the solid fuels and were already cooking our food.

Ta-da! Food is ready!! And like Chipsmore: Now you see me, now you don’t!

After that…..lights off………….:) AT LAST!


On the next morning, nobody wanted to wake up and get out of their tents…….My leg ached like hell.

1st group sleeps on

Nevertheless, we HAD to eat!


Look closer and you’ll see that we had bread with luncheon meat and mushroom soup

Walk walk walk walk.

Took some pictures on the way….

Somewhere in between the journey, we passed by a waterfall, not the longkang-falls like the above. A real one! So we went in and filled up our water bottles and then continue our journey to wherever we’re going.

Then, we passed by the Selangor Dam (I believe it is). There, a few people flew toy airplanes and we had fun watching them. And boy, who knew what we did to the GPS. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

We reached Selayang, searched for a bus stop (which proved to be quite hard) and took a bus back to Kota Raya. That’s it. The end of the hike!!!!! Woohooo!

I tell you, this hike is crazy!! When we got down the bus our ankle basically screamed their ligamens and tendons out! But it’s really worth it. Everyone should try this at least once. Words just can not describe the extreme fun you’ll experience! Trust me.

Till next time!