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Annual camp in Frasers Hill, or annual trip like Gary said, we didn’t have to sleep in tents, instead, on tables. Yes, camped in a Chinese primary school.
First lunch, then dinner. We learnt cooking from Chef Wan, no kidding! Then we sang songs at throughout the night, while experiencing the occasional cold breeze.

Oh yeah, night games. Fight for the candle!


Headed for the jungle treks. Went to Bishop’s Trail. Along the trail, there were diggings belonging to the wild boars. What do they eat anyway? Bamboo shoots or earthworms? Either way, we got stuck halfway because I was behind and those people in front were blocking my way, and something in front of them was blocking them too, either way, I’m stuck.

We had to find our way out. Just about then, Heng Yuen said he heard cars nearby so he suggested Au Yong to race with Wai Hoe to the top. Haha! Au Yong lost! Anyway, they found a road, as in, cement and tar covered ones. So they began helping each of use up. We then walked along it for some distance and decided to fill our tummies at the rocky roadside. I cut my first small tree and had to kill it and chop it to three parts and made it the stand for our patrol’s cooking pot. Pity that tree…

I don’t know when was it when we played football….I forgot

Some MORE old boys came along at night (and opened up some red wine, I guess), and started talking about our trek that morning, said it was good or somewhat, I can’t remember. Served them some red bean (or sweet potato) (soup?) and proceeded to sleep.


Rise and shine! Well, I can’t seem to. But I had to anyway, and also run bare from waist-up for lazing in my sleeping bag.

Fine morning on that day, so everyone headed out for the Jeriau waterfall, but we had to walk for quite some distance downhill. Sheesh, my shoe was too small at that time and I had to walk without shoes for the last few hundred of metres. And before I forget, some of us prepared some curry and rice for the trip to the waterfall.


Weinan probably din wanna get wet

Me and Weng Hoe

After the lunch, everyone was full and the old boys further spoilt us by giving us a ride back UPHILL to the school we stayed, (I think it was raining and they didn’t want us to get wet). But then, no more rests yet as we had another work to finish. Each patrol was given an amount of money (RM4 per head in the patrol) but I don’t know why Swift and Gannet (who combined) got RM 25 for 6 person. What to do with the money? Cook la. No, buy something to cook for dinner larr, of course from the wet market in town.

Dinner’s over and we played Uno cards and had some fun in arm wrestles, haha, Kuan Jhun hadn’t beat me and neither have I, but nevermind. Then, after all that years in my life, I finally had the chance to listen to some ghost stories. So Foon Yuen Kit shared his scary experience, made up or whatever, it was scary!!!

listening attentively to the ghost stories

Boo! Later, he asked for volunteers to put a spoon in a bathroom (it was dark) and another fella to take it back. For your information, I had to travel 50 metres in total pitch darkness and conquer my fear of darkness (if I ever had one), to put the spoon there.


On the next day, we had a cooking competition, each patrol had to cook Meehoon and the Swift Patrol lost to Hawk Patrol. MUahahahahah! And Hawk members were given a chocolate bar (each?).



Took a group photo….and

Then we set out for KL……

Recipe: Fried Rice

  1. Garlic is fried
  2. followed by chicken meat
  3. than egg
  4. add rice
  5. add sugar (wtf?)
  6. add salt
  7. add gravy
  8. serve

That’s all.