August 23-24, 2003: First camp out of school?

Gathered at school so that scouters and scoutmasters could finish monetary matters (who owes who and all that). Set out towards the Puduraya bus stathion. Then, a ride to Rawang by an air-conditioned bus (I believe it was) to Rawang, and right into the Commonwealth Park! ^^

Camp fees was Rm 20.00 including the bus fare. Each boy brought about 250 grams of rice.

Unloaded then tents, supplies and rations from both the bus and the 4WDs, hee…..

Huge cars to carry our stuffs with…:)

Probably no one knew what to do, so they played “JKR”

After a short brief, each patrol had their respective job to complete…I believe it was pitching the tents…haha..poor memory…………………………..=_=’

Here’s our campsite


Here’s the stream

Still not pitching the tent????

I forgot.

BUT I sure do remember one thing! Useless Au Yong again from Swift, you see, Swift was in charge of cooking Maggi noodles for lunch and you know what? He made a pot of slimy earthworms in yellow, no la, just slimy, soooo slimy that one couldn’t even slurp it up! I could never have forgotten that slimiest noodle he made, it was plain horrible but I had to admit, I was pretty hungry then, so I practically made no noise, only voicing out my disgust a very well four years later……so sorry Min Hao….

Took some rest and barely realized that Josiah was crying about a leech he saw, so we comforted him by puring salts on that leechy leech. O.O, look how it squirms! With blood oozing out of it! :-s

By afternoon, we then went to a field above our campsite. That field had a lot of bamboo trees surrounding it and we had a football game there as well as tug-of-war cum pass-ball.

After that, everyone “fell back” to our campsite and as usual, that Au Yong had nothing else better to do than trying to go back down to the campsite through another steeper path. Its slippery laterite was to thank for! Haha, it made him lose his balance and slided down the muddy “ramp”, and Ta-Da!! Pretty shorts in brown, fresh and wet!

Gathered piles of firewood, Kuan Jhun had the opportunity to stack up the firewood into a pyramid-shaped thing. While KJ was busy, some old boys brought their children to our campsite and requested assistance from us to put up a weird tent (that they’ve personally brought). At the same time, Siow Yung Kun’s parents came and took him back……..While then, Heng Yuen taught me how to use an axe, while Gary taught me not to hog the axe because the others wouldn’t be learning something. Lol. =_='”

Did Ms. Raguna come? I guess so. I could swear I was having my dinner with her and escorting her to the toilet with a flashlight, you’d get it. Otherwise, it could be something else. Okay, enough! It’s getting eerie was sooooo dark

Campfire started as Kwai……started it… We played games, Charlie taught us everything he knew about the “Elephant Dance”. Oh yeah, Ms. Raguna was dancing with Gary while we sang Zulu Zulu, how could I ever forget the three of them swaying together? XD

Next came the cookie jar:

Gary sings: Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Group sings: Seong Bin stole the cookie from the cookie jar!

Seong Bin: Not me!

Group: Yes you!

Seong Bin: Couldn’t be!

Group: Then who?

Seong Bin: Au Yong stole the cookie from the cookie jar!

Au Yong: Not me!

Group: Yes you!

Au Yong: Couldn’t blah…b..b..BE!……..damn

Haha! Serves him right! He got punished for losing the game! At last, some fun stuff to watch. We were all instructed to watch a comedy performed by the group of losers but not make a sound or laugh at them or else they’ll get away with the punishment. We crossed our heart and never made a sound, and they were then forced to perform the French Dance, each of them grabbing another’s shoulders and started swinging up their legs! Who could’ve forgotten such wonderful events? Those losers include Kuan Jhun, Jega, Bosco and Sean. Wow, four Swifts and 1 Gannet. Serves Swift Patrol right in the face!

Actually, it’s not like we never made a sound ever since, we just couldn’t help it because the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken * or was it Kentucky Fried Cockroaches? I could never tell.*) have arrived from a Samaritan who knows what it’s like to stay warm and full. But then, we had to sing Old Kentucky Home before getting our share of KFC, just before hitting the bed, I mean, sleeping bag.

Late night, couldn’t sleep, so some of us decided to light up a fire but careless Josiah hurt his left eye with a spark from the match. Later we decided to take out our portable stove and started boiling some coffee, so that I could SLEEP! Later on. We had a PLC with Gary, I showed him my Usaha Journey Log. He said there was room for improvement and I wonder why my journey log was still in the same state till now.

Lights out!:(


Haha! It’s Swift’s turn to make breakfast for the troop while the latter went for morning exercises. I bet they would have done some pretty silly mistake again, after that slimy Maggi Mee!

And guess what, right after breakfast, GSM, Heng Yuen found some bread tags on the ground left by whoever-made-the-breakfast. So, the whole Swift Patrol had to hang those bread tags on their hairs. Haha, serves them right for littering!

After that, we proceeded to the canopy walk after having ourselves covered by mosquito repellent..Who steps the leeches on the jungle walk? Sagesegaran sang that. The bridge was safe but it was wobbly and shaky, thus convincing that it was indeed a safe but unstable bridge. Well, no one maintained it, I wonder if it’s still hanging there?

Gannet’s turn to cook lunch! Forgot what they cooked.

After lunch, we strike-d the tents and cleaned up the campsite. While we were preparing for an investiture, Mother Nature suddenly let out a heavy downpour…pity those scouts whose cheap haversacks’ colour came off and dyed their uniform green. Lol.

Still, we managed to make it back to the school because there were drivers. I’m so thankful, they could’ve preferred us to take our own ride, which they didn’t.

5.00pm: Alive and well in school. Over and out.