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July 19-20, 2003: 1st School Camp With New PL/PS

Let’s see. Um..I couldn’t recall half the camp…..

Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words…so, you get what I mean. I don’t know why the pictures are 2004 but I don’t remember camping in school in 2004, but the I remember seeing Mr. Loo in one of the camps I went. Or maybe some pictures don’t belong here… I could never tell.

Firstly, ignore the February 14 2004.

We had games, some knotting games:

Knotting Session (Eagle Patrol)
Eagle Patrol

Knotting Session (Merlin Patrol)
Merlin Patrol

Knotting Session (Hawk Patrol)
Hawk Patrol

Knotting Session (Gannet Patrol)
Gannet Patrol (Cute faces)

There was a knotting competition by the way, Gary asked us all to tie a Square Knot that no one knew, but I’d never forget that Square Knot. And then there were more knotting games….scouting tug-of-war….a game dominated by wit and agility, not weight nor strength!

Briefing Something
Briefing something…

Now I remember Gary asking Sean from Swift and Neoh Ke Chean from Merlin to challenge each other at the tug-of-war. Guess what? Sean is a leftie and Ke Chean is heavy, so the game was played with only left hands. And Gary gave the Swift Patrol some flexibility, which is the permission to bet their points! Any Amount!!

Too bad that Min Hao merely put a bet of 20 points. T_T

We had more games: one of them involving crossing 2 fellas’ hands to transport someone, and the other involved everyone carrying everyone. I’d pity Min Hao during that game, because he had to carry Chuan Choon Ming who was twice as heavy as the former! He hurt his little back and I remember Fred helped him”fix” his back…Me? I manage to carry lotsa people and witness poor Law Wai Kar carrying Wan Wei Liam! o.O”

A classical “Simon Says” but wasn’t Simon

PLs in front with members

Tactical team discussion

The night is young…………………..

Freddie explained Yarn No.1 by Baden Powell, saying how important real scouts and/or frontiersmen are to the world. Now that Siew Kow was there too, he told some yarns too, which I can’t quite remember. Nevertheless, I can barely remember Kwai Choong teaching us how 10th KL scouts should clap, and it sure was fun because the claps vary in decibels and pace, unlike any other conventional palms that hit each other.><

The night is STILL young……………………

At night, way after midnight, still at night anyway, the 6 Patrol Leaders:

  • Au Yong Min Hao (Swift)
  • Chin Seong Bin (Eagle)
  • Choy Weng Hoe (Falcon)
  • Law Wai Kar (Merlin)
  • Siow Cheng Yiap (Hawk)
  • Wong Kuan Jhun (Gannet)

I doubt they were all there though.
to erm….elect a troop leader. After some long discussion with the scoutmasters present (was it only Choo? I forgot), each PL had to vote for 2 of their peer PLs, so that the one who gets the most vote will get the great honour of being the Troop Leader! Everybody votes….and…..guess who? It was Au Yong Min Hao from the Swift Patrol! But the agenda of the meeting was not achieved because that numbskull Au Yong Min Hao had to sorta…..reject the position as a Troop Leader! I seriously do not know what was up with him on that night, with lame excuses like:

-can’t cope with two posts at the same time larr, because got Junior Chair to take care also larr…

Lame! Lame! Lame! Lame! Lame! HE could’ve plucked some courage and took up that post to further improve himself, but I guess he chose to chicken out….poor little boy…. AND because of him, each PL had to take turns to lead the boys for two weeks, nothing wrong about that, nothing negative either, just merely stating it out.

Then it rained heavily and tents were flooded…gee wth, we had to sleep in a classroom instead..

Sleeping in Classroom

Overgrown legs ><

Either I’m weird or paranormal, I can still remember Jega hurting his finger from either the tent’s zip or cutting vegetables. Josiah (long time traitor) hurt his finger while trying to zip up his pants?? No, I think it was the tent’s zip too. Me? No, nothing, just some cut blessed by the almighty Parang.


And I’ll never forget Athi bathing together with Dinesh and was forced to fall in half naked!
On the next day, we had an investiture.

Putting on the scarves

Shaking Hands

Right after that, Kwai Choong told us about the next camp in Commanwealth Park, Rawang on the 23th August 2003. Clever old man, he then advised us to study hard so that our parents would allow us to go for the camp. (If I was wrong, maybe he said, “Study hard! Or you can’t come!”)


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