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School camp + PL/PS selection camp

This camp had alot of old boys, I remember (unless I keep remembering the wrong thing). The camp started at evening on Friday 23. I was late for the camp and everyone had already started scraping rice from the pots to their mouths. Late, and I got reprimanded for being a late PL. T_T

Now then, all of us scouts were reshuffled and divided into four patrols with names not known to mankind. I do not know the process as I was late, so may someone elaborate on this(?)

But then, let’s have the pictures tell the stories, I’ll just narrate as I go:

Seniors looking on…Freddie aside

The old spirit awakens (or it turns young)

Songs session

Kuan Jhun was so short

Weng Hoe, Zhi Hao, Weinan and Wai Kar

Yeo Eng Kang, Amrith and I-forgot-them

Old and young.

Charlie teaches the group on (round songs?)

Another group needs another expert


The next day, it was a Saturday.

Having some fun playing the Poison Ball

Whoever gets hit is a rotten egg

Captain Wong aeromodels our brain

Group Photos!!

Guess the seniors had to have their private space

I remember this camp quite well. That night, when there were too many mosquitoes in my patrol’s tent, I decided to move into my neighbour tent, we couldn’t sleep anyway. Then, Freddie saw us and had us sit around him and he began talking. That’s when I learn to sneak if I want, but just don’t get caught. Rules can be broken, but one must pay the consequences, or else, stay out of it or don’t ever get caught! Funny how small things work to their top, one simple question like “How many of you here are going to stay?”, made me keep that promise. Of course, after he gave me a great deal, he bought us a box of mosquito coil! How? Err…Someone sneaked out of the school in the middle of the night and went to 7 Eleven

And I’ll never forget Athi bathing together with Dinesh and was forced to fall in half naked!

Now here’s the selection process: Each of us were to go through tests which include:

  1. General scouting knowledge
  2. Leadership qualities
  3. Skills

Leadership test.

This was the general knowledge test

The Kim’s game

I couldn’t remember much then…..but it sure was late after the test. And when we’re done, there’s the home waiting for us.